Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ghost Dance - Inspiration in the Middle of the Night

Was just getting ready for bed. Went to my sculpting stand to turn off the light, and just for a moment, I glanced at the clay before turning off the overhead light. I saw a flash of a blanket off the shoulder of one of the woman dancers. I turned off the light, but that vision stayed with me. About a half hour later, I had to do something while I could still see it in my mind. So I went to the clay and started to add that blanket I saw. A vision.. who knows.. but I had to act on it. Granted, a robe is a small thing, but not at this moment, it wasn't.

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yampabill said...

Flashes of creativity,Spirit,coming in the night. I used to have them when I was preparing for final argument. Hard to get a good nights sleep when it happens.