Saturday, July 23, 2016

Putting together a New Instructional DVD My 9th

I've been collecting Youtube Video's I made from July 2009 of the creation of "Plains Warrior", a limited edition bronze. I start with a TruForm Armature, the 24 inch tall armature that can be purchased from Sculpture Depot in Loveland Colorado. This will be my 9th Instructional DVD. Look for it sometime in the near future....

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Unknown said...

I greet you from Slovakia while I admire your sculpture art Try I finally Chavant NSP Medium well is the best cars but do not know how to proceed further with models and what the final mass use. Can I ask for a bit of advice? Thank you Joseph

Pozdravujem Vás zo Slovenska a zároveň obdivujem Vaše sochárske umenie .Vyskúšal som konečne Chavant NSP Medium dobre sa z nej modeluje ale neviem ako s modelmi postupovať ďalej a aké finálne hmoty používate. Môžem poprosiť o malu radu? Ďakujem Jozef