Thursday, November 19, 2015

Touch the Clouds Heading to Lehi Utah and Adonis Bronze

Trying to make a really fast trip to Adonis Bronze in Lehi Utah. About a 400 mile trip. Fast because Winter Storms are heading this way, and the first 100, going to, and the last 100 miles, coming back, is in an area of over 6,000 Feet Above Sea Level and when it snows there, it don't snow in inches.. it snows in Feet... I'm going down to Adonis Bronze to clean up Touch The Clouds so they can make a rubber mold of it and start the casting in bronze of this piece. Mountain Trails Gallery wants it in their Gallery before Christmas, so it's a bit of a rush trip there to fix it up. I also took with me the unfinished clay of Distant War Cries, for Adam, the owner of Mountain Trails Gallery in both Park City and Jackson Wyoming, to look at it for possibly displaying it in one of his galleries... He saw it and decided to get it cast into bronze as well.. so that one is in the process as well. Good trip.. got there and back home with just a small section of Skating Rink icy roads... Busy busy busy.


dapazzi said...

Me gustarĂ­a felicitarle por su magnifico trabajo.
observo un trabajo minucioso digno de un gran arte.

Artist - David Lemon said...

Thank you very much Dapazzi... appreciate the words.