Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Evaluating Chavant's MONU-MELT Clays Soft, Medium, and Hard Clay

I was sent a few samples of the large supply of clays from Chavant Clay Supply. This is the first review of their clay. In this I test the MONU-MELT clay. The Soft, Medium and hard versions of this clay.

MONU-MELT brings all of the qualities of Clayette 0 a sulfur-free, non-hardening, tack-free, odor-free, and flexible clay - into a formula that can be melted and applied to a CNC foam armature by brush. By popular demand this material has been introduced in a Dark Forest Green Color.

MONU-MELT should be melted in a range from 180 to 200 degrees F. Keeping the clay above 200 degrees F will result in bubbling of the liquid clay. This bubbling is mostly aesthetic, and will not affect the characteristics of the cool clay.

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