Thursday, February 5, 2015

My First Workshop Gapevine Foundry Grapvine Texas

This past week I spent in Grapevine Texas, where I put on a Sculpting Workshop, for some professionals as well as some wonderful beginners. Had a wonderful time and met some new friends. Linda Lewis-Roark, the owner of Grapevine Foundry, located in Grapevine Texas, set up this workshop. She did an amazing job making sure everyone, including your's truly, were totally taken care of and left the workshop happy. Grapevine Texas is an amazing community with some wonderful places to eat. Chills had the best hamburger I've ever eaten. Called the Magnum, it had to be 6 inches tall loaded with flavor.
Below and featured in the video thumbnail above was the most amazing artist model ever. Her name is Aubree B. and what a total professional she was.

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