Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Touch the Clouds - parts 18 and 19 - Feathers

Started creating the feather blanks today.. I would place a roll of Victory Brown Wax, fairly warm, between two pieces of Masonite sheets a 1/8th inch thick and then I'd roll them till they matched closely the thickness of the Masonite. I'd then take a Dry Wall Spatula to shave off a thin layer that stuck up above the Masonite.. so that the finished blank was a uniform thickness for the next stage.

Brought the blanks home.. and now I'm doing them in a kind of systematic production into finished Feathers. Nice to sit home in a snowstorm in my PJs ... keeping warm and cozy.. I've been working on these feathers all day... Still working on them tonight at nearly 6pm.. and probably have another 2 hours before I'm done with them all and then I have to make 12 more feathers tomorrow

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