Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stressful Changes and Chopping

Really went to work on changing the design of the clay of the Mountain Man and his Wife and baby. I had to attack the clay, and get rid of most of the Mountain Man's blanket that once covered his head. 


Lynn O. Doughty said...

Really like the direction this piece is now taking. A very nice grouping showing lots of affection. Nice. Also glad to see you posting another video. Aces!

WDM89074 said...

Hi David,

I was wondering why was the reason to change it so drastically? Did the Foundry say something about its deep creases and increase molding cost? or just you started to feel uneasy about it?

Thank you for sharing so much information for us little aficionados which spend hours looking you work.

Walter. Las Vegas

Artist - David Lemon said...

Thanks Lynn...
Not the foundry Walter.. The two clays by themselves just didn't sing to me.. together they're startin to hum.. lol