Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Instructional Video on Sculpting a Horse's Head - Getting Started

Have had a lot of horse people asking me to do an instructional sculpting video on the Horse. I am starting that today. I'll be keeping an inventory of what materials I use and tools. As well as the amount of clay I'm going to use. I'll be giving you snippets of the video as I go along. The full video will be for sale. At the end of today's video, I mention the fact that I was going to my studio, I went to Madison Foods, to get food for lunch, when I ran into.. figuratively speaking, Jessie Close, Glenn Close's Sister. Haven't seen her in years. Her son is an artist and is showing in shows across Canada. Jessie lives here in the valley. She told me that her and her sister just made another video on Mental Illness.. go to and take a look. She's writing a book about her life.. it's on a deadline to be published. Can't wait to see it.

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