Friday, August 2, 2013

Approaching Storm - Was Very Sick But Back on the Clay Today

Tuesday night I came down with flu like symptoms, and had a very high temperature. I've been in and out of bed for the last three days.. Today, I'm feeling fired up. I came into the studio briefly last night, but was still pretty weak. So rather than force it, I decided to just give it another day. I worked on the mounted Indian today. Adjusting arms and shoulder positions. I then started on his head, but I also decided to re-do the other warrior's head as well. It was just looking to big. I'm not going to show the full working of the heads, since I have a DVD out showing how to make a Male Bust.. I figure I'm not going to give away for free, that one. I'll be back on the heads next time, and see how far I can get

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