Friday, February 1, 2013

Talking Tools and Clay from Sculpture Depot

I Got a set of KEMPER TOOLS. They are used a lot by potters and water base clay. Artists who work in oil based clays love them because they like a rounded wire that doesn't cut. They work best in Soft and Medium clays.
GLYPTIC MODELING TOOLS were in this shipment to me. Out of frustration with wire tools breaking all the time Karen Richardson, the owner of Sculpture Depot, with the help of some very famous sculptors, designed and invented the Glyptic Modeling Tools. They are just amazing in their durability.. and long lasting use. You need to have a separate container for the parts as well as the Allen Wrenches, so you won't lose the small wire ends.
Rubber Tipped CLAY SHAPERS, are a set of tools with mailable rubber tips, in different shapes and points.. Extremely useful for artists to smooth an eyelid on a face or making wrinkles in the skin of an aged face. Just amazing to use. I received a wonderful collection of METAL FINISHING TOOLS. Rounded tipped to flat flexible ends.. paddle shapes and pointed rounded tips are always useful in shaping and fine tuning parts of a sculpture. Just go online and spend a couple of hours going through the selections of tools and clays. Pick out what fits your project. Order them.. Your going to be very happy with the quality.
I received a sampling of CHAVANT CLAYS as well. LeBeau Touche and the new Clayette. the CLAYETTE clay replaces Kleen Klay, when went out of business. The Clayette is not sticky or tacky like the others. It has fillers in it and cannot be melted like the Classic Clay. I'll be getting into the clays at a later date. An artist is only as good as the reference material they have as well as the quality of tools they use, whether it be a painters brushes, paints and canvas. Or a sculptors clay, and tools. If you want to be a step above the beginning artist, you need the tools of a professional artist. I truly believe you can find all you will ever need at


PaoloArmitano said...

your work is amazing! Very very compliments. Great sense of movement in yours horses.

Artist - David Lemon said...

Thank you for your compliment. I see that you're an illustrator. I went to colege for a quarter and a half to be an illustrator, but the professor wanted me to do abstract art.. Told him to stick it where the sun don't shine and walked away.
Thank you for your complement. I went to your blog.. your really talented at what you do.

Grazie per il complimento. Vedo che sei un illustratore. Sono andato a colege per un quarto e mezzo di essere un illustratore, ma il professore voleva che facessi l'arte astratta .. Gli ho detto di attaccarlo dove il sole non batte e si allontanĂ².
Grazie per il vostro complemento. Sono andato al blog .. il tuo grande talento in quello che fai.

Piskargo said...

On the subject of the material used for modeling. What texture once the work has finished? I guess depending on the type of clay that uses soft, medium and hard, so stay the final work. If so, does it mean that a work made with soft clay just stay soft? What justification is using this type of clay?.
Thank you very much i received a greeting.