Friday, January 25, 2013

New Armature System for Truform Armatures and Art Supplies from Sculpture Depot

Here is a list of items I use for you.

My armatures, if I buy them, come from

For horse anatomy figures and muscles of the face resin castings

You can buy my kind of clay, J-Mac, from

Sculpture Depot


I use the medium grade clay

You can also buy tools and sculpting stands there.
(I put a list of great tools you should buy at the end of this description)

I get my anatomical figures from

The Resin Horse by Jeff Wolf

I get my armatures from

How to use your Horse armature from

How to make a hot box for your clay

Video on the clay I use

Link to the video where I talk about Jeff Wolf's Horse Anatomy Resin that you can purchase

This video I talk about my tools.

Tools I would suggest from Sculpture Depot are:

I would suggest you pick from these tools.. You don't have to pick them all, Just those that you think will help you
This modeling set looks interesting.. made of Water Buffalo Horn

Steel Tools I'd suggest are
303, and 22x
53x, and 55x
74, 70, 163, 161, and 75
23x and 407

For wire ended tools my pick would be 221, 401A, 402A, 403A, 404A, and 405A

For those who make masks, here's a great set up..

You can find sculpting stand, books, armatures, and all kinds of wonderfully helpful stuff for the sculptor here at reasonable prices.. They ship internationally as well.

If I use music in this video, it's Composer and musician is Kevin MacLeod - CC-license
The music is free.. You can donate.. which I'd say would be fair, but it's royalty free.
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