Monday, August 20, 2012

Heading Back to Montana

Old Abandoned House South of Twin Falls Idaho..


jon wells said...

I love watching your videos. Look forward to it every evening. I am learning to sculpt in clay since it is much easier to form than steel. I have done some great welded steel sculpture ( i own a welding shop). I havnt ever sold any pieces i just have to have some sort of creative outlet. I know a few people that own galeries in new mexico and hope to get somee pieces in there someday. I love sculpting wildlife like the other million people do but seeing it take shape from a blob of clay or metal out of the scrap pile gives me great pleasure. You make everthing look so easy and i may spend several hours just trying to make the eyes on a simple man look not cartoonish. Cant wait till you get back in the studio and finish those bears. There are a lot of artist having a hard time selling pieces in this economy.. hang in there.

Artist - David Lemon said...

Jon, I used to go to my uncles studio, and watch him effortlessly sculpt his clays.. that eventually were cast into bronze.. and I felt as you do watching me.. It just takes years of practice. There are no shortcuts..