Monday, July 16, 2012

Lewis and Clark Caverns Appearance - Busts of Lewis and Clark


Timothy.A. O'Sullivan said...

great stuff Dave!
i have enjoyed watching your process for thelast week and musta watched most of your Utube feed! thanks for the demos and vids- very encouraging.
The scenery is awesome where you live and its nice to see that too. keep on slinging clay, cant wait to see what ya do next.

all the best sir! -- tim in the UK.

Steven Givler said...

Hi Dave,
I found your site by following one of the comments you left at Maggie's Notebook. It's great to see your work.

Artist - David Lemon said...

Thanks Steven for finding me.. I didn't know I was that lost.. haha.. Just kidding my friend.
Timothy I'm cleaning the studio for the next couple of days.. argh... lol

Timothy.A. O'Sullivan said...

studios get that way! i am only a hobbyist but stuff just gets everywhere. thats when i wonder if i have too much 'stuff'!! :)
look forward to seeing your next idea David; i always feel the state of a room/studio area reflects your current state-o-mind. its always nice to start new in a clean enviroment.

all the very best David--- tim. (only Timothy when i am in trouble with 'Er Indoors'!!) :)