Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gallery Show - Two Days on the Clay - Ross Barker Makes a Fringe

Ross Barker and his wife were at the gallery this morning when I arrived. So I put him to work. Ross just stopped in because his wife had viewed me working the other day and she talked him into coming and seeing me at work.
I'm showing at the James Harold Gallery ( in Tahoe City California till the 21st of August.
My online gallery and blog are at these links.
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Photos of the Plains Warrior as of today.


Following Him said...

David ... Peggy and I still enjoy watching you create these masterpieces out of clay.

As you closed out this video I saw the same warm smile flash across your face that we noticed when we came to Ennis. It's good to see that grin again my friend.

May our Lord smile upon you each and every day.

Carl and Peggy

Artist - David Lemon said...

Thank you Carl and Peggy