Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Commission - Leather Feel at the bottom of the Door Handle

There will be the Crystal Ball with the bronze Indian Busts that I
completed two weeks ago, on top of this door handle. Now I work on the
detail at the bottom of the handle. Crystal stems will be hanging down
with cast bronze to look like pieces of leather hanging over the point
where the crystal attaches to the handle. Gloria 'D', in Virginia City
Montana, will contribute her talents to putting detail on the handle
itself above my detail.
This is my ONLINE GALLERY address.
I've received a commission to create two busts of an Indian man and
woman to be fitted in bronze on the top of two crystal balls at the
top of a set of door handles. There's going to be a lot of creativity
in these door handles and my contribution is just part of it.
Trent's website can be seen at this link

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