Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"I Wanna Be Like You Dad" - Plastic Surgery and a Dog

First off, I had to do a little facial re-adjustment. then I worked on his ears and added hair.
I've thought, over the past couple of days, that a puppy would be cool. Border Collies are used for herding and since this is a little boy on a ranch, a Border puppy seemed worth a try. That's all I did today, was try. Never created that breed before, so there's going to be a learning curve. I'm certainly going to redo this puppy, till I get him right, or I'll just take him off the piece.
If you'd like to see the current price of my artwork in bronze go to

Photographs of the clay today.


Leorastudio said...

Hi David,

it's me again :) The puppy is so cute and looks so deceivingly simple to do, I will have to try, lol! Dogs are lovely creatures, like children they want to give more love than one deserves...

I have to admit, I already stole an idea from you... made my fairy a cowboy fairy, thought that would be so cute! I have to practice the cowboy hat though, sigh...


Artist - David Lemon said...

You never steal.. you create.. lol. I love the little fairy.. The hat though.. well .. it looks like one you'd get at K-mart and not at Sheplers.. lol Watch tomorrows vid.. I'll be talking to you, not by name of course. but I want to show you something.

Leorastudio said...

Cooool... it will be the first I will look for tomorrow morning :))

I baked the fairy this night, so the poor little thing will have to wear the K-mart hat for a long time, lol!
Btw., in Berlin not many people wear hats, even in cold weather. Baseball caps you see a lot, mostly NY :))

Artist - David Lemon said...

You'd think you'd see a lot of cowboy hats here as well in Montana.. I mean it is cowboy country. But baseball caps outnumber cowboy hats.. lol