Friday, December 31, 2010

Don't Want Me Yet, Have Another Beer - By Amanda DeVirgilio

Amanda, or as she's known on Youtube, twinessence, sent me a little one of a kind sculpture she created in a clay named Cernit. Her channel is at Where she shows how to make armatures, and sculptures. I met her a couple of years ago when she commented on one of my videos and I saw that she sculpted to.. We've become good friends. She got married a couple of months ago is is happy as a button in her new life. She sent me this little fellow and a sample of the clay she works in. So I'm going to play with it sometime this next month and will make a video of that. These one of a kind originals start at $125 dollars. I think she should ask more.. but that's me.
Thank you Amanda.. Her website is


Maggie Thornton said...

That couldn't be cuter. She is very talented. Looks like you could stroke that little guy's tummy and feel the fat.

Happy New Year David.


Artist - David Lemon said...

I believe you could.. lol