Monday, August 30, 2010

Adjustments and Moving

I'm moving back into my house at the moment and closing down my studio. It's just the way the economy is at the moment that forces me to do this. I will be away from my blog for a while till I get moved out of my studio and into a small area of my home were I can start working on my clays again. Please keep checking back. I can't and won't give up.



trip said...

Sorry to hear about your need to move.... I ENJOYED your open letter to "our President" It is right on! The fact is, he could NOT Care Less what happens to you or me.... If we do nothing else in the next few months we need to make sure we get every one we know to get out and vote against this man and the people like him!!!!!!!!!
Tell everyone how you feel, make them know that they can make a difference... you just did,
I enjoy all your posts please keep them going. I come to your blog every day, I have come to a point were I think of you as a friend. Don't lose heart!!!!
Your Friend,
Mark Wedekamm
PS I would love to be able to help however I am one of Mr Obama's unwillingly unemployed, and I too am praying that this upcoming winter is a mild one.

Artist - David Lemon said...

Thank you Mark.
I'd love to get my video out there.. but on Youtube.. people are more interested in fail videos as well as how to put make up on... boy do they need to wake up.
Don't worry.. a lot of people are hurting and are very angry at this idiots vacations and his well manicured family... time for a change alright.. I got one negative on the Open Letter vid.. from an sound engineer in NY.. he thinks he's done a great job.. Well this idiots from Holland and soon going back.. thank god.

Maggie Thornton said...

David, all I can think of is the waste of sending this beautiful old man to this president.

Artist - David Lemon said...

Don't worry.. he ain't getting it.. he'd probably just use it as something to place in front of a door to keep it open.. lol