Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Protector - Worked on the Left Hand Today - I'm Also Featured On Another Blog

All I was able to work on today was one hand. I had a very enjoyable day, having friends drop in and visit and that's about all I did today. This is the week of the 4th of July, so it's expected. People come from all over the country to their summer homes and they try to be here for the 4th of July parade on Sunday. (I will be videoing that parade) So this is about as much as I'm going to be able to do this week.
Be sure to read about Angela Swedberg's contribution to this clay below the video.
Thursday and Friday I'll be videoing the coloring of two bronzes

I just wanted to add something I just saw on Angela Swedberg's blog, she was talking about how her blog has brought her into contact with people she'd probably would never meet in real life. I saw that she started following my blog so I checked hers out and was blown away with her incredible ability in creating wondrous reproductions of Indian clothing from the 1800's.
The following is from her blog, explaining a little about herself
"Howdy. I am using this Blog to show the artwork I do. I make original Plains and Plateau style Indian art, based on 19th century aesthetics and use authentic materials that were available in that time frame (1820-1900). I also restore and do conservation work of antique Indian art. I am a tribally certified Indian Artisan in accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts act of 1990. Recently I have been exploring the world of art glass and the ways of incorporating it into a modern expression of established tribal art forms. Lastly, my other passion is horses. They often influence my work, and give much to my soul. I have quite a bit of material posted on here, so be sure to look back at the earlier entry's. Thank You for looking at my work, and I hope you enjoy it. If you are interested in my work, I can be contacted at angela@ medicinecapstudio.com Thank You."
She's been an incredible artist, and I've found her generous with her knowledge, and giving me insight into the Blackfeet culture. The feathered bonnet I'm reproducing here, on my clay, was inspired by one she reproduced. It's pictured below. Here is a link to her blog, ANGELA'S BLOG, please check it out.

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