Monday, March 29, 2010

Worked On Three Clays Today

Started the day working on "A New Beginning". The clay of a mountain man and his Indian wife. About an hour into the clay, I got a call from the foundry, Northwest Art Casting in Bozeman Montana. They wanted to let me know that there was a problem with right hand of the cowgirl in "Ain't No Cowboy". A clay I delivered to the foundry last week.
So I dropped everything and traveled the 60 miles to the foundry. Once there, I was able to fix the hand in just a few minutes. Then I noticed that the clay of "War Medicine" had a weird pupal in the right eye.. the good eye. The other eye is gone because of a sword wound to the socket.
So it took just a couple of minutes to fix that eye. Altogether this was a good day.

Final Photographs.

My Valley today

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