Thursday, April 9, 2009

Warriors - 5 Horses

Finished up the armatures of the five horse today. Kind of a gloomy, rainy, cold day. But that had no affect on me.. I was in a great mood today.


I'll be gone tomorrow, and will make up tomorrow with a partial day on Saturday. Going up to Willow Creek, north of here Saturday night for dinner. The Willow Creek Restaurant is in a historic 1800's hotel. It's in the old saloon.
Back in the 1800's cowboys would get to feeling a little liquored up and would unload their guns into the tin covered ceiling. You can still see the holes left by their wildly shot bullets. But then again there are a few old buildings in this state that still have those kind of holes. Robbers Roost, an old two story cabin has lots of bullet holes in it's outside walls. The was was kinda wild out here a 150 years ago.
Well check back in on Sunday. I should have what I did Saturday on this blog by then.

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