Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jackson Hole Wyomimg to Ennis Montana in under 10 minutes

I shot this from Jackson Hole Wyoming to my home Valley just south of Ennis. Ran out of memory on my second 8 gig SD card.. I had to cross over Teton Pass from a very foggy Jackson Hole Valley, into the sunlight. Then northwest up to Ashton Idaho and then Finlay into Montana and the Madison Valley. I got a great view from the Western Side of the Tetons. All pictures are usually from the East side of those mountains.
The Tetons were a major land mark for Mountain Men and Indians, as well as explorers. You can see them for hundreds of miles around. I just have to drive 50 miles south to the Idaho boarder, and I can see them from there on a clear day.
Following are a collection of photographs I took today. Some of these make great computer screen backgrounds. These first ones were in Idaho along the Snake River, close to the boarder of Wyoming. About 8 am.

These were an old shack in Idaho near Ashton Idaho

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