Monday, June 25, 2012

A Short Trip To The Lewis and Clark Cavern State Park

I've been invited to participate for one day, at the Lewis and Clark Cavern State Park, on the 14th of July. Today I took a trip up there to meet Robin who works in the visitor's Center. She was going to show me where I was going to set up my sculpting stand and sculpt for a day.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Great Friend had a Book Signing at the Bozeman Cosco

A Great Friend had a Book Signing at the Bozeman Cosco
Traveled to Bozeman to visit with Steve Gough, the author of a book called "COLTER'S RUN. Got there just after he sold out all his copies that were on hand
Steve's book is published by Dale A. Burk of "Stoneydale Press Publishing Co."

Here are a couple of paragraphs (from page 192 Colter's Run) chronicling the last few seconds before Colter slays Running Wolf, during his famous run for his life
"I remain all but defenseless as I watch Running Wolf's charge. I hear his screams. I swear he's gloating. It's almost too easy for him as he rears back his stone-headed spear, grasping the shaft firmly with both hands and lunges forward at full tilt to drive his weapon home.
I have no hope of escaping this young warrior. Instinctively, I felt his presence upon my back long before I heard the sounds of his moccasins skimming across the grassy plains as the winds from the West collided with his magnificent body. I make no overt move to defend myself or to foolishly counsel any further flight. I'm surprisingly calm, patiently watching his final charge as he rapidly closes the span that separates us. Exhausted still, I take several last reviving breaths and prepare myself for the onslaught.
Ten paces, five paces away. Running Wolf's final war cry heralds the spoo-pii's intended demise. His arm stretches rearward, twisting his hips near-fully to the rear-right to maximize full thrust. His spear's forward motion now comes home in a calculated lunge to run his prey through.
At the last possible second I straighten up and turn obliquely away from the path of Running Wolf's oncoming charge...
"What? No!" he screams....