Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Editing Videos for the Subscription Website

I start the video by showing you what you get with my first DVD on Creating a Male Head out of Clay.. then I get into my editing of the videos. The one I'm working on shows the babies face that I'm sculpting for the Native American Mother. She'll be holding him in her arms

Monday, July 29, 2013

Approaching Storm - The Horse Back Rider Today

Suffering from a left over cold, and a splitting headache. I breath heavily during the video because I'm fighting through the pain. As of this writing I'm feeling a lot better.. it wasn't a good day earlier. I worked on the Indian on horseback today.. trying to work out the design and action he's going through. I turn the piece constantly trying to see if what I do, works in the total design.. I try very hard not to have a bad view from any side of the piece.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Coloring the bronze SOMEWHERE A COWBOY'S A WALKIN..

From July 2010.. for those of you who wonder how a bronze is colored.. SOMEWHERE A COWBOY'S WALKIN..

Picture of the finished clay

Friday, July 26, 2013

Subscription Website Teaser - Creating a Babies face

Another peak at the clay I'm sculpting for the subscription website that will be up sometime in the near future. This is the face of the baby I demonstrate the making of today..

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just a Teaser - The Indian Lady and her Baby for the Website

Just a peak at the clay of the Indian Woman I'm sculpting for the subscription website being constructed. I haven't been putting up videos on Youtube on this piece up to now. The videos are for private showings.. Just wanted you to see what I've been working on.

1st Instructional DVD Offer - Creating a Clay Bust - From Armature to Finished Clay

I've made the first of what will be a series of videos on how to sculpt. I take my 38 years of experience and in a real time setting show you how to create an inexpensive armature for your clay, and then how to build the base for the eventual character you want to create in a simple bust. There will be future videos on creating a human figure, to sculpting a horse. This video is just the first. By clicking on the "Buy Now" button on this page, you can purchase this fun, instructional video.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Road Trip - To Jackson Wyoming

Drove 180 or so miles south and over the Grand Teton Pass to deliver my three clays to the Mountain Trails Gallery in Jackson Wyoming today.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Protector - Final Day On The Clay

I'm going to Jackson Wyoming on Tuesday to drop off three of my clays, that I've had on display locally, at the Mountain Trails Gallery. I'll be leaving them there till I head to Lake Tahoe on the 20th of August, for a show through Labor Day. Today I nearly finished "The Protector".

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Protector - Getting the Clay Ready for Display

I'm going to Jackson Wyoming on Tuesday to drop off three of my clays, that I've had on display locally, at the Mountain Trails Gallery. I'll be leaving them there till I head to Lake Tahoe on the 20th of August, for a show through Labor Day.
I needed to try and finalize this clay a bit more.. so I'll be back on him on Monday as well. Then I'll be going over the other two before I pack them up to head south.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Approaching Storm - A Warrior's Face Appears

I give an update on purchasing my DVD on "Sculpting a Male Bust".. I then started working on the warrior's face. The fellow on the ground. Thunder Storm came in and power was off and on.. So had to quit. Old Power Lines.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Approaching Storm - I work on the Warrior on the ground

I worked on the figure of the warrior on the ground. First thing I do is take the shirt off I put on last time. I needed to work on the body of the warrior.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Approaching Storm - Fleshing in the Warrior on the Ground

Roughing in the warrior who is beside his mount, trying to control him, as the wind gets stronger and an angry cone of a tornado, touches the prairie. I decide towards the end of the day to add a war shirt being blown by the angry wind.

Approaching Storm - Making Armatures for the Indians - Thunder and Rain

Stormy day today. It eventually knocked out the power to my studio and my home. Took me longer to get the video done because of that. I added the two warriors to the piece today by starting on the armature for the warrior on the ground, beside his horse. Only got as far as starting the rider before the power finally cut out.

Friday, July 5, 2013

"Approaching Storm" - Continuing to Adjust the Second Horse

Just continuing to repair and adjust the Second horse.. I add the tail, that, due to the direction of the wind, is blowing onto the back or the other horses left front leg. I then just slap on the mane and roughly threw on ears, just to see how the design will work.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 4th of July Parade in Ennis Montana

Forth of July Parade in my little town of Ennis, Montana. Hope you enjoy this video.

Since this is the July 4th weekend, I thought I would share this account of the Independence Day celebration at Camp Sheridan in 1879 written by Fanny Corbusier, the post surgeon's wife.
"We celebrated the Fourth of July 1879, as had never done before in that country. We invited the officers and soldiers at Fort Robinson; Dr. McGillycuddy, the Agent at Pine Ridge, and his employees; the Indians, among whom were Red Cloud were American Horse, Young Man Afraid, Three Bears, Long Dog and Red Dog, and the men on the cattle ranges about us. Great roasts of beef, dozens of loaves of bread, pot after pot of coffee, large kettles of soup, which was almost a stew, were prepared for the Indians. After we finished our dinner, finding the chiefs on the gallery, we had them come in for ice cream and cake. When asked if they wanted anything more they pointed to the chicken and beef. These we gave them and then they asked for soup, with which they finished their meal. They had already gorged themselves to the apparent limit, but it would not have been good form for the to leave until they had consumed everything in sight. After dinner the program for the day was continued, A three mile hurdle race came next, and Long Dog, who came in first, as he sank down on the grass said, "No run good today, heap eat dinner doctor's house"--or words to that effect. He came in far, far ahead of all the others, but had not understood that he must jump the hurdles. Besides foot and horse races, there were wheel-barrow and sack races, climbing a greased pole, catching a greased pig and a tug of war. This latter was the cowboys against the soldiers, who could not move the former after they had dug the big rowels of their spurs into the ground, and the soldiers finally gave in. We had prizes for the winners and had to make up a special purse for Long Dog. At night there were fireworks followed by minstrels given by the enlisted men. Many of our soldiers were Irish, and their rich brogue mingled with fine voices, made the old, old songs the more beautiful. The show was followed by a dance in which the squaws did the best they knew how, but the supper afterwards, was to them a grand success. After again eating all they could, they gathered and carried away in their shirts and blankets, every scrap that was left. It did not seem possible that human beings could eat so much. Some of the cowboys had ridden eighty miles to celebrate the Fourth and pronounced it the best day of their lives, as they had never seen such sports before."

Approaching Storm - Major Corrections of Second Horse Part 1

I've lived with this clay.. in a different composition, for 5 years. Something always bothered me about the front horse, his neck, it seemed to short. I decided to correct that today. I cut the horses head off, from mid neck, to add about an 1/2 inch, so that it would match the other horses neck. I then did major alterations to the rear of this horse.
I just realized the Banner Picture of me, on my blog, working on 2 horses, were these two horses..

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Approaching Storm - Adding A Second Horse

Decided to try the other horse to see if I can improve this piece with another horse and Indian. I'm thinking of having on the first horse a warrior reacting to the sudden blast of wind, with rain and hail.. The added horse will have the Indian on the ground, trying to mount his horse.. but struggling control of his horse who's reacting to the Tornado's winds.. I expanded the base of the original so I could mount the second horse.