Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Morning Joe - Finishing it Up Today

Finished up the clay of "Morning Joe" today. I started by finishing the back of the shirt, then, adding a small cast iron frying pan and a stack of wood.. Finally, I set up my instant photo studio, to photograph the clay for promotion.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Morning Joe - Making a Two Cup Coffee Pot

Spent the day, making a 2 cup coffee pot. They weren't very big.. The pot had to fit into a saddle bag. Saw one in an old TV skit with John Wayne and Red Skelton. I'm adding the video of that little routine to my blog. In the video, you see John Wayne pour himself a cup of coffee from a small pot.. That's where I got my idea for the size.

Monday, May 27, 2013

In Honor of Our Veterans...

This is to honor all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for America, from the Revolution to the present day. My dad, Homer Harold Lemon, served proudly in the Pacific during World War 2, and during the Korean War. He passed a few years back. He was part of the greatest generation.

 A bronze I created to honor our Veterans, "Veteran's Legacy", Ennis Montana.


Morning Joe - Extend the Base and Re-do the Cup

Started out by re-doing the coffee cup, making it smaller. Then I extended the size of the base to accomidate part of the fire pit. I then created the rock ring and added some wood to the fire. I then made a tin can of beans.. His dinner from the night before.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Morning Joe - Plan To Add a Pot

I plan to add a partial ring of stones for a campfire ring, and on one of the stones will be a small coffee pot. This will complete the piece and finish the story. I also spent the day separating and cleaning my sculpting tools.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Studio is Finally Set Up

Finally got my studio set up.. I'm going to be using a 26 1/2 inch (67.31 cm) tall, Tru Form Armature. I am just waiting for the clay to do this piece. Not sure what I'll be doing yet. This will be my first piece that I'll be creating fully on a new website. I still have no information on the website. When I do, I'll let you all know. I'll still be doing videos for Youtube and my Blog.. just not as fully involved.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Changes Coming As Far As My Videos Go

I'm going to be starting a new adventure. TruForm Armatures are putting together a website that will feature me on it, showing videos of me sculpting, like I do now on Youtube. Therefore my full videos will probably no longer appear there. I'll still be doing videos, but the everything I do videos, will only be on my website. Youtube videos will just be highlights.. If you want to see the full videos, you'd have to subscribe on my new website when it's up and running. When that will happen I'm not sure. I'll be making the first video starting in a week or so, once I figure everything out. I'll keep you all informed, and let you know where you can go to subscribe. There will be a fee charged, yet to be determined, on a monthly or quarterly and a yearly basis.. just have to work out the particulars. I can't pass up this opportunity. Again.. I'll keep you all in the loop. Love all of you who follow me.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm Moving My Studio This Week

Thought I'd share some videos from Native Americans. The Indian Nations of Montana Young Spirit at Rocky Boy Montana Pow wow 2012 Montana State Powwow 2011... This takes place in Bozeman Montana at Montana State University every year in April.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Morning Joe - Video Part 2 of 2 - The Cup and Finishing

I created the cup of coffee and added it to the figure. I then worked on his hand and right arm. I then added detail to his hair and then added the chin strap. This isn't done yet but it's real close.. just some detailing to do. I'm taking it to the foundry and getting a bid on it.. then delivering it to the gallery in Ennis for the Weekend. Next week I'll be moving back into my studio. So I'll not be back till the 20th.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Morning Joe - Video Part 1 of 2 - Shirt Re-Sizing

I felt the shirt really needed to be checked for size.. to the figure.. The neck looked a bit small on the shirt.. it was... the width of the shirt from buttons to armpit looked to big.. it was.. so I narrowed that and that meant repositioning the shirt pocket. I cut the collar and lengthened it to match the measurement around his neck.. Sleeve is the right length so no need to change that. In tomorrows video, part 2 of today's, I'll get onto his right arm and the coffee cup


Can the Arts be used as a tool to overcome Addictions?

Can Sculpting Help People Overcome Addictions?
Contrary to what some people believe, you don’t have to be good with your hands to be a sculptor. It helps to have vision and a natural talent of course, but sculpting is about far more than just creating. It’s about achieving – and helping you to conquer all kinds of demons.
However, can it really help you conquer an addiction? The truth is it can, because in order to sculpt you have to focus on something other than yourself. It doesn’t matter what kind of material you are sculpting with or what you have in mind for the finished product. You could say even the finished product itself doesn’t matter – it’s the journey that counts. You’d be right in that last respect, especially when it comes to helping you beat whatever addiction you might have. It’s impossible to think about your addiction when you are using your hands and your mind to create something else.
Getting involved in a worthwhile project
If you have ever been involved in a project that really caught your attention, you’ll know how thoroughly absorbing it can be. It’s like reading a good book. You settle down to read a few pages, and before you know it the story has transported you to another place and perhaps even another time. If you’ve ever been caught up in a story like this and suddenly looked up, realizing you’re actually at home instead of in the story itself, you’ll know how powerful the connection can be.
The same holds true with sculpting. If you spend every waking moment fighting against your addiction, you’ll probably find you are focusing on it more than you are unaware of it. The very process of trying to beat it requires you to focus on it – and this can be enormously tiring even in the short term.
That’s why getting involved in art and sculpting enables you to make real progress. Not just as an artist or a sculptor (although you certainly will get better the more you do), but as an individual who is learning how to manage and beat their addictions.
How does this work in reality?
Let’s suppose you decide today is the day you will embark on your journey to beat your addiction. You know it will be easier to get assistance when it comes to beating your addiction, so you find a support group or treatment course near you. There are treatment centers in Virginia and every other place in the US, so you just have to explore the options near you and get the help you need. Once you have started on the road to beating your addiction, you can start looking for art or sculpture classes near you as well. These could be social gatherings or something more involved and intensive – choose a class that will suit you and your outlook. There are people with addictions to drugs and alcohol who attend classes in Virginia, California and every other location you could think of every single week. It provides something to look forward to and to focus on, and you might be surprised how effective it is in helping you focus on something other than the addiction you’re trying to leave behind.
You may even find your sculpture takes on the form of your fears or determination in facing your addiction head on. As soon as you start to focus on your project, you will be amazed at the change in how you feel. You will be creating something that is uniquely you. You can pour all your efforts and determination into it. When you see how easy it is to achieve something creative like this, you’ll take confidence from it and realize just how much you can do when you put your mind to it.
Sculptors get lost in the act of creation on a daily basis. Who is to say you cannot do the same? With so many advantages available to those who try it – especially when it comes to finding the power to beat addiction – it makes sense to make it a regular part of your life. When you do, you will see why other addicts have continued to enjoy creating art and sculptures as a regular part of their lives.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Morning Joe - Shirt Adjustments - Hand and Arm

Started out making slight adjustments to the shirt. I lowered the pocket flap because I'd placed it to close to the collar of the shirt. I then started the hand, making adjustments to the collar as I went along. The hand and fingers grasping the shirt would change all that I'd done up to this point in that area. Finally I worked on his left arm, fine tuning that area. Tomorrow, I'll work on the right arm and add the cup of coffee.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Morning Joe - The Shirt is Started

I finish up the spurs, leaving the Spur Rowels till later in this pieces production, because if I do them now, they'd be bumped and abused by my working on other parts. I then paint the wax to match the clay.I then start to create the shirt. That's about it today.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Morning Joe - From Boots To Starting the Spurs

I found through looking closer to the photos I have, that the boots would have been an inch or two below the knees. So I lowered the top of the boots. I then worked on the left boot. Once I had it along to a certain point, I got my wax out and started to construct the Spurs of which I showed several photos of spurs from the 1880s to 1890s. I'll pic this back up tomorrow.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Morning Joe - His Right Boot with Mule Ears

Boot today.. Mule Ear Boots. Named that because of the large leather straps that helped the cowboy to put on his boots. The Boots I had started a week or so ago, were the wrong period, after some researching..I found the right style for the 1880s or 90s. So I redid the right boot today. I have to do the boots before I can do the shirt. I did one boot today, will continue on Monday.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Morning Joe- Suspenders Today

Suspenders today. The suspenders on the pants I'm using as reference have canvas suspenders, with hardware to adjust the length of them. This is what I created today. Suspenders for the pants the Cowboy is wearing. He hasn't put on his shirt yet so his suspenders would be hanging at his sides. I had to make it look believable. 
When I was finished making the suspenders out of wax, I painted them with a pain I had made up specially to have the color match the clay I'm using. This makes it easier to see the detail in the dark wax and makes it less confusing when people look at pictures of the finished clay.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Morning Joe - Working on Detailing his 1800's Style Pants

Using wax, I make a belt buckle for the strap in the back of his pants.

Worked on the pants. First I went through a book on cowboy gear, looking for anything that might be of use here. 
Before I can put his suspenders on, I have to get the pants tuned up a little. I have a pair of pants that would have been worn in the 1800s. You can still buy them. I got mine from Ranks, in Virginia City Montana. They specialize in 1800 clothing and hats.
I am using the pants, that I bought to wear in a western play years ago, for reference. I need to get the seams right and the little belt in the back of the pants to adjust for waist line. 
As I worked on the clay my battery died in my camera. I had a second battery but it was on it's last leg as well so had to end the video.. I'll pick up on the pants tomorrow.

Me working on the pants.. in the video I can't upload.