Thursday, February 28, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Horses Breast and Left Leg

 In this video.. I start by talking about a book that was written by Avard T. Fairbank on human proportions for artists.. Here's a link to buying that book and one on children proportions.
I talk about raising the clay so that I could work on the chest and legs better. Then I talk about the fact that there aren't many photographs on horses chests.. or bellies. I spent several hours gathering my own material and pictures off the web. Then I start to work on the horses chest and left leg.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Detailing Endless Detailing

 Just worked on the rear flank of the horse.. then started on the rib cage.. I talked at the beginning about the tools I purchased from and how I talk about these items in hopes to give people who want to sculpt the knowledge of the best tools and clays, so that they can, in the long run, be successful at sculpting

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Short Video About a Horse's Thoughts as Told By A Navajo

Click here to see this video

 Totally in the Navajo Language.. with subtitles... it's a great vid to watch... Published on Mar 26, 2012 Watch and vote for "Horse You See," a film in the final category for the PBS Online Film Festival, Offbeat. Meet Ross, a horse from the Navajo reservation. Hear his story and share his thoughts as he explains the very essence of being a horse. Spoken in Navajo with English subtitles. To cast your vote in this category, visit each film's YouTube page (34x25x36, Future States -- Play, or Horse You See) and click the thumbs up "like" button at the bottom of the video player. Check out the three "Offbeat" videos at:

Friday, February 22, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Leg, Hips and Underbelly

I talk about a resource for tons of horse anatomy on Facebook by putting into the search box the words "Horse Anatomy".. I tilted the clay today, so that I could work on the belly of the horse then I began back on the rear area of the horses flanks and legs.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Right Rear Leg Detailing

I have a new Widget at the top of the right hand column. It's a way to translate this blog into your language if your out of the USA.. or even if your in the USA. Well today I pretty much continued working on the horses right rear leg. I found trouble in the fact that the rear was to large yesterday.. so I've been redoing that area. Tomorrow I'll be working on the rear left leg, and whatever else I'll be able to do.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TruForm Armatures Life-Sized Bust Armature

TruForm clay sculpture armatures are widely becoming one of the best tools for sculpting in oil-based and polymer clays.TruForm armatures were created by professional sculptors with the goal of providing clay modeling sculptors of all levels with the most innovative sculpture armature concept on the market. TruForm armatures are proven to enhance the entire sculpting experience. Life-size portrait busts are here! Our life-size portrait bust can be easily glued or attached to any baseboard. The skull is taken down,pushed back and opened up in key areas of the skull for the application of clay. The base can be easily cut to your desired shape. TruForm Armature busts are made of urethane foam and a durable plastic. The head and ribcage can be altered by using a round file, if necessary, during the gestural phase.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Talking Tools and Clay from Sculpture Depot

I Got a set of KEMPER TOOLS. They are used a lot by potters and water base clay. Artists who work in oil based clays love them because they like a rounded wire that doesn't cut. They work best in Soft and Medium clays.
GLYPTIC MODELING TOOLS were in this shipment to me. Out of frustration with wire tools breaking all the time Karen Richardson, the owner of Sculpture Depot, with the help of some very famous sculptors, designed and invented the Glyptic Modeling Tools. They are just amazing in their durability.. and long lasting use. You need to have a separate container for the parts as well as the Allen Wrenches, so you won't lose the small wire ends.
Rubber Tipped CLAY SHAPERS, are a set of tools with mailable rubber tips, in different shapes and points.. Extremely useful for artists to smooth an eyelid on a face or making wrinkles in the skin of an aged face. Just amazing to use. I received a wonderful collection of METAL FINISHING TOOLS. Rounded tipped to flat flexible ends.. paddle shapes and pointed rounded tips are always useful in shaping and fine tuning parts of a sculpture. Just go online and spend a couple of hours going through the selections of tools and clays. Pick out what fits your project. Order them.. Your going to be very happy with the quality.
I received a sampling of CHAVANT CLAYS as well. LeBeau Touche and the new Clayette. the CLAYETTE clay replaces Kleen Klay, when went out of business. The Clayette is not sticky or tacky like the others. It has fillers in it and cannot be melted like the Classic Clay. I'll be getting into the clays at a later date. An artist is only as good as the reference material they have as well as the quality of tools they use, whether it be a painters brushes, paints and canvas. Or a sculptors clay, and tools. If you want to be a step above the beginning artist, you need the tools of a professional artist. I truly believe you can find all you will ever need at