Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Montana from Above

The view, from above, of the state of Montana USA, where I live. Just thought I'd share this with you all on this Christmas Day

Monday, December 23, 2013

David Lemon's 5th Instructional DVD - The Creation of Sweetgrass - Using a 24 inch Truform Armature

I just combined about 20 Videos I made, during the creation of Sweetgrass, into a new Instructional DVD. You can purchase it by clicking on the Buy Now button at the top of the right column on this page. This video covers the 3 months I worked on this clay and eventually the bronze.
You can also buy this bronze by contacting me at

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 2 of Tearing and repairing

Well today I'm tearing off arms, with a new vision of how it might look.. Still not sure what to do for hair or tribe.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Back at My Clay

Yeah, I know it's been almost a month since my last video. I've been busy burning DVDs and sending them out. I figure it takes me about a half hour for each DVD order. Today I decided I like the Warrior's face on my Life Size I created on my 4th instructional DVD, but not much else. So I start to tear off clay.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Unconquerable Spirit" - A New Instructional DVD by David Lemon

The first of two DVDs on the creation of "Unconquerable Spirit" has just been completed. I'll be starting the second DVD right away. Watch for this to come out soon.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My 4th Instructional DVD on Sculpting, Coming Soon

I'm announcing a DVD that you can purchase three instructional DVDs by myself, that can be played on TV as well as on your Home Computer.
Creating a Male Bust in Clay
Creating a Female Holding A Baby
Creating a Horses Head
They are now available for sale. I mail them all over the world.. same mailing price. If you go to and find the "Add to Cart" Button in the upper right column. When you click on it, a drop down menu, with a selection of DVDs that are available on how to sculpt. Just click on The one or ones you'd like to purchase, and follow the steps.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sneak Peek, Creating a Life-size Bust using TruForm's Armature No.2

Second day working on my life-size bust using TruformAmatures foam armature. I've decided to do a portrait of Roman Nose. A Southern Cheyenne Warrior. Now originally, I thought I was doing the Roman Nose that was killed in a battle in 1868. But this Roman Nose is actually Henry Roman Nose who died in 1917. Makes no Difference.. the face is amazing, and so dignified.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Starting my 4th Instructional DVD

I'm starting another Instructional DVD for Truform Armatures today. I'll be showing snippets as I go along.

Friday, October 25, 2013

2013 Hunter's Feed

The 2013 Hunter's Feed, on the streets, ok.. we're not that big of a, on the street of Ennis Montana. This is a yearly tradition on the Friday before the Hunting Season starts on Saturday.

Putting Approaching Storm Aside and Getting Ready for a New Project

Change of plans on "Approaching Storm". I'll be crating it up to travel to Las Vegas where it will be put on display, at the NFR Rodeo.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Two Days on the Bow Quivers for Approaching Storm

Creating in greater detail, the bow scabbards of the two warriors. I create them out of wax, because was holds detail better than clay. Then I paint them to look like clay. Two reasons I paint them.
1. Makes it less confusing to the eye if there are no dark parts and lighter clay parts.
2. The paint also brings out the imperfections I can't see in the wax because of it's very dark color.
This whole video was shot over two days. Next week I'm back on it to fine tune other parts of this clay.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ghosts of Anah & Maria, A Video with the Music of Niki Kline

Over the last few days, I've been making a video of a song written and sung my Niki Kline of Virginia City Montana. I shot this at their home in Virginia City. Niki wrote this song in 1999

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Instructional DVD Being Offered on How To Create A Horses Head in Clay

I'm announcing a DVD that you can purchase, on how to create the neck and head of a horse. This DVD DVD, that can be played on TV as well as on your Home Computer. It is now available for sale. Find the "Add To Cart" Button in the upper right column of this page,when you click on it, a drop down menu, with a selection of DVDs that are available on how to sculpt. Just click on The one titled, "Creating a Horses Head in Clay" and follow the steps. You can also add other DVDs to your cart.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Picking up my clays from the gallery in Jackson Wyoming

I had to go south to Jackson Hole Wyoming to pick up three of my clays, that I left off at Mountain Trail Gallery, on my way home from Tahoe last month. I need to finish up "Approaching Storm" as well as "A Mother's Love", the clay of Sacajawea and baby Pomp. I needed to do this before the snow starts flying.. It was a superb day for driving

Friday, September 20, 2013

New Instructional DVD on Sculpting - Creating a Female Holding A Baby by David Lemon

This instructional video was never meant to be on a DVD. It was going to be a 15 part series on a Subscription only website. Since that website is months off being put up, decided to have me put all the episodes on one DVD, that could be played on TV as well as on a Home Computer. It is now available for sale. I'll have information on in the next day or so on purchasing it. It will be the same pricing as my DVD on Sculpting the Male Head in Clay DVD.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Instructional Video on Sculpting a Horse's Head - 1st 33 Minutes Condensed

For the past several days I've been working on this Instructional DVD on "Sculpting The Head Of A Horse in Clay". Here is a short glimpse at the first 33 minutes of the DVD. I'll be adding muscle and then skin over the next week.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Instructional Video on Sculpting a Horse's Head - Getting Started

Have had a lot of horse people asking me to do an instructional sculpting video on the Horse. I am starting that today. I'll be keeping an inventory of what materials I use and tools. As well as the amount of clay I'm going to use. I'll be giving you snippets of the video as I go along. The full video will be for sale. At the end of today's video, I mention the fact that I was going to my studio, I went to Madison Foods, to get food for lunch, when I ran into.. figuratively speaking, Jessie Close, Glenn Close's Sister. Haven't seen her in years. Her son is an artist and is showing in shows across Canada. Jessie lives here in the valley. She told me that her and her sister just made another video on Mental Illness.. go to and take a look. She's writing a book about her life.. it's on a deadline to be published. Can't wait to see it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Instructional Video on Sculpting a Horse's Head Started

Have had a lot of horse people asking me to do an instructional sculpting video on the Horse. I am starting that today. I'll be keeping an inventory of what materials I use and tools. As well as the amount of clay I'm going to use. I'll be giving you snippets of the video as I go along. The full video will be for sale.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Appearance at the James Harold Gallery - Final Day

Well this was the final day of my appearance at the James Harold Gallery. I must say, I'm totally exhausted. See you all back in Montana Next week.. This is the final video for at least a week.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Still working on the clay of APPROACHING STORM. Short video today. Just to much going on in the gallery to video. Still I got a lot done today.

Appearance at the James Harold Gallery - Day 9

I needed to lower the horse with the rider on the piece, APPROACHING STORM. I had mounted him on small blocks of wood that actually raised him higher than the other horse. So he towered over the front horse. Once lowered I started to work on the worrior and the horse.
Shown below are 4 different ways this piece will be offered for sale.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Appearance at the James Harold Gallery - Day 8

Working on the front horse on APPROACHING STORM today. First I add a 3 inch screw next to the left leg armature of the Indian on the ground to strengthen the stance. Then began fine tuning the anatomy of the horse and then finally adding the horses mane and tail.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Appearance at the James Harold Gallery - Day 6

Started the day's video showing the smoke from the fires south of us in Yosemite National Park. Last day working on Sacajawea for the subscription website. It took me all day. At the end of the day, I set up for working on the storm piece tomorrow.

An Evening Cruise on the Tahoe Gal

I was invited to go on a dinner cruise on the Tahoe Gal. It was an amazing evening of meeting friends and making new ones. The scenery along the west shore of Lake Tahoe, was just beautiful. Dinner was 5 stars..

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sculpting With Lemon - Appearance at the James Harold Gallery - Day 5

Spent the day working on the Sacajawea clay. Can't show the full video of me working on this clay.. so just showing a brief segment of that video. I'll probably work on her for part of the day on day 6.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Appearance at the James Harold Gallery - Day 1 and 2

Had to combine two days of travel. The internet speed was 56k... it would take days to upload to Youtube. I arrived this afternoon at the Gallery and I'm all set up for my appearence that starts on Saturday the 24, to the 2nd of September.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Approaching Storm - Separating the two Horses, and Indians

This morning I drove to the foundry and picked up my clays. Got back to the studio, and decided to make a major change to Approaching Storm. I decided to separate the two horses onto their own boards. This way, If I have to, I'll sell them separately, or both as one bronze. It's economics... and in turn the saleability, of this piece.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Morning Joe - Coloring the first bronze of this piece

Today's video shows the coloring of Morning Joe. This bronze is the first copy to be produced. Once done, I then took him back to my studio to be photographed, for promotion. Here is a link to all information on this bronze

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Approaching Storm -The Warrior on the Ground

I'm taking the clay of Approaching Storm, to the foundry, on Tuesday to get a bid for the casting of it, so I can set the selling price. I have to get Approaching Storm, further along, to get an accurate bid. So I'm working on the gentleman on the ground, controlling his horse.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Than 20 Years of Bronzes and Clays - By David Lemon

Covering bronzes from the early 90s to the present. This 22 minute video just shows some of what I've created over those years. Some are only seen in clay, because I never got the chance to photograph the original bronze before it was sent to the client. Some are shown in clay because they've never been cast into bronze yet. Most, only one or two have sold.. some are sold out. I just wanted to put together a collection of photos, showing I'm not a one trick pony... lol

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another Peek at the New Clay

Working on a clay of Sacagawea, or better known as Sacajawea. She holds her baby Pomp in her arms. This is the clay I'm doing for the subscription website that's being put together.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Approaching Storm - Affect of Wind

I saw a picture on my Facebook page, of a picture of Jay Red Hawk and his horse. I focused in on the blanket on the horses back, where the wind had flipped the back end of the blanket. It gave me the idea to do the same on the horse with the rider, and will do on the other horse as well. Then I give a glimpse of the Indian woman I'm working on for the website.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Approaching Storm - Last Day on this Clay Till Tahoe Show

Added the feathers. Worked on his shirt then his left forearm and hand. Adding shield. I won't be working on this till after I get to Tahoe. I'll be working on the Indian woman for the website till then.

Approaching Storm - Blowing Hair and Feathers

Started to add hair to the mounted warrior, showing it blowing in the wind. Then I start the feathers. I paint the wax, to make it look like clay when I'm finished with them. Just less confusing to the eye, and makes no difference in the casting.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Approaching Storm - Heads back in place

Finished the second warrior's head and then reattached it. Also repositioned the mounted warrior's head on his shoulder. Started to create clothing and a shield.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Approaching Storm - Working on the Indian heads

Just working on the two heads and doing both at the same time to keep their proportions the same. I got one head nearly done.. and re-attached it at the end of today. Once I get these heads done.. then I can start finishing up the two figures.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Approaching Storm - Was Very Sick But Back on the Clay Today

Tuesday night I came down with flu like symptoms, and had a very high temperature. I've been in and out of bed for the last three days.. Today, I'm feeling fired up. I came into the studio briefly last night, but was still pretty weak. So rather than force it, I decided to just give it another day. I worked on the mounted Indian today. Adjusting arms and shoulder positions. I then started on his head, but I also decided to re-do the other warrior's head as well. It was just looking to big. I'm not going to show the full working of the heads, since I have a DVD out showing how to make a Male Bust.. I figure I'm not going to give away for free, that one. I'll be back on the heads next time, and see how far I can get

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Editing Videos for the Subscription Website

I start the video by showing you what you get with my first DVD on Creating a Male Head out of Clay.. then I get into my editing of the videos. The one I'm working on shows the babies face that I'm sculpting for the Native American Mother. She'll be holding him in her arms

Monday, July 29, 2013

Approaching Storm - The Horse Back Rider Today

Suffering from a left over cold, and a splitting headache. I breath heavily during the video because I'm fighting through the pain. As of this writing I'm feeling a lot better.. it wasn't a good day earlier. I worked on the Indian on horseback today.. trying to work out the design and action he's going through. I turn the piece constantly trying to see if what I do, works in the total design.. I try very hard not to have a bad view from any side of the piece.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Coloring the bronze SOMEWHERE A COWBOY'S A WALKIN..

From July 2010.. for those of you who wonder how a bronze is colored.. SOMEWHERE A COWBOY'S WALKIN..

Picture of the finished clay

Friday, July 26, 2013

Subscription Website Teaser - Creating a Babies face

Another peak at the clay I'm sculpting for the subscription website that will be up sometime in the near future. This is the face of the baby I demonstrate the making of today..

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just a Teaser - The Indian Lady and her Baby for the Website

Just a peak at the clay of the Indian Woman I'm sculpting for the subscription website being constructed. I haven't been putting up videos on Youtube on this piece up to now. The videos are for private showings.. Just wanted you to see what I've been working on.

1st Instructional DVD Offer - Creating a Clay Bust - From Armature to Finished Clay

I've made the first of what will be a series of videos on how to sculpt. I take my 38 years of experience and in a real time setting show you how to create an inexpensive armature for your clay, and then how to build the base for the eventual character you want to create in a simple bust. There will be future videos on creating a human figure, to sculpting a horse. This video is just the first. By clicking on the "Buy Now" button on this page, you can purchase this fun, instructional video.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Road Trip - To Jackson Wyoming

Drove 180 or so miles south and over the Grand Teton Pass to deliver my three clays to the Mountain Trails Gallery in Jackson Wyoming today.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Protector - Final Day On The Clay

I'm going to Jackson Wyoming on Tuesday to drop off three of my clays, that I've had on display locally, at the Mountain Trails Gallery. I'll be leaving them there till I head to Lake Tahoe on the 20th of August, for a show through Labor Day. Today I nearly finished "The Protector".

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Protector - Getting the Clay Ready for Display

I'm going to Jackson Wyoming on Tuesday to drop off three of my clays, that I've had on display locally, at the Mountain Trails Gallery. I'll be leaving them there till I head to Lake Tahoe on the 20th of August, for a show through Labor Day.
I needed to try and finalize this clay a bit more.. so I'll be back on him on Monday as well. Then I'll be going over the other two before I pack them up to head south.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Approaching Storm - A Warrior's Face Appears

I give an update on purchasing my DVD on "Sculpting a Male Bust".. I then started working on the warrior's face. The fellow on the ground. Thunder Storm came in and power was off and on.. So had to quit. Old Power Lines.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Approaching Storm - I work on the Warrior on the ground

I worked on the figure of the warrior on the ground. First thing I do is take the shirt off I put on last time. I needed to work on the body of the warrior.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Approaching Storm - Fleshing in the Warrior on the Ground

Roughing in the warrior who is beside his mount, trying to control him, as the wind gets stronger and an angry cone of a tornado, touches the prairie. I decide towards the end of the day to add a war shirt being blown by the angry wind.

Approaching Storm - Making Armatures for the Indians - Thunder and Rain

Stormy day today. It eventually knocked out the power to my studio and my home. Took me longer to get the video done because of that. I added the two warriors to the piece today by starting on the armature for the warrior on the ground, beside his horse. Only got as far as starting the rider before the power finally cut out.

Friday, July 5, 2013

"Approaching Storm" - Continuing to Adjust the Second Horse

Just continuing to repair and adjust the Second horse.. I add the tail, that, due to the direction of the wind, is blowing onto the back or the other horses left front leg. I then just slap on the mane and roughly threw on ears, just to see how the design will work.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 4th of July Parade in Ennis Montana

Forth of July Parade in my little town of Ennis, Montana. Hope you enjoy this video.

Since this is the July 4th weekend, I thought I would share this account of the Independence Day celebration at Camp Sheridan in 1879 written by Fanny Corbusier, the post surgeon's wife.
"We celebrated the Fourth of July 1879, as had never done before in that country. We invited the officers and soldiers at Fort Robinson; Dr. McGillycuddy, the Agent at Pine Ridge, and his employees; the Indians, among whom were Red Cloud were American Horse, Young Man Afraid, Three Bears, Long Dog and Red Dog, and the men on the cattle ranges about us. Great roasts of beef, dozens of loaves of bread, pot after pot of coffee, large kettles of soup, which was almost a stew, were prepared for the Indians. After we finished our dinner, finding the chiefs on the gallery, we had them come in for ice cream and cake. When asked if they wanted anything more they pointed to the chicken and beef. These we gave them and then they asked for soup, with which they finished their meal. They had already gorged themselves to the apparent limit, but it would not have been good form for the to leave until they had consumed everything in sight. After dinner the program for the day was continued, A three mile hurdle race came next, and Long Dog, who came in first, as he sank down on the grass said, "No run good today, heap eat dinner doctor's house"--or words to that effect. He came in far, far ahead of all the others, but had not understood that he must jump the hurdles. Besides foot and horse races, there were wheel-barrow and sack races, climbing a greased pole, catching a greased pig and a tug of war. This latter was the cowboys against the soldiers, who could not move the former after they had dug the big rowels of their spurs into the ground, and the soldiers finally gave in. We had prizes for the winners and had to make up a special purse for Long Dog. At night there were fireworks followed by minstrels given by the enlisted men. Many of our soldiers were Irish, and their rich brogue mingled with fine voices, made the old, old songs the more beautiful. The show was followed by a dance in which the squaws did the best they knew how, but the supper afterwards, was to them a grand success. After again eating all they could, they gathered and carried away in their shirts and blankets, every scrap that was left. It did not seem possible that human beings could eat so much. Some of the cowboys had ridden eighty miles to celebrate the Fourth and pronounced it the best day of their lives, as they had never seen such sports before."

Approaching Storm - Major Corrections of Second Horse Part 1

I've lived with this clay.. in a different composition, for 5 years. Something always bothered me about the front horse, his neck, it seemed to short. I decided to correct that today. I cut the horses head off, from mid neck, to add about an 1/2 inch, so that it would match the other horses neck. I then did major alterations to the rear of this horse.
I just realized the Banner Picture of me, on my blog, working on 2 horses, were these two horses..

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Approaching Storm - Adding A Second Horse

Decided to try the other horse to see if I can improve this piece with another horse and Indian. I'm thinking of having on the first horse a warrior reacting to the sudden blast of wind, with rain and hail.. The added horse will have the Indian on the ground, trying to mount his horse.. but struggling control of his horse who's reacting to the Tornado's winds.. I expanded the base of the original so I could mount the second horse.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Drive Through the Battle Field of Gettysburg from January 2012

Tomorrow is the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, so I'd like to re-share this with you. I was commissioned to create a 1/2 life size bronze of Captain John Lovewell, who was killed in a battle with Abenaki Indians, in New Hampshire, in 1725. I was in Baltimore at the end of January 2012, to photograph an artist friend dressed in an authentic outfit that I had made from that period, for the clay. I had an afternoon, and the next morning to tour Gettysburg before my trip back home to Montana. This is the second day's drive through the battlefield with a link to the first days video in it.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Approaching Storm - Re-Working the Horse Anatomy

I reworked the horses anatomy. As I carve off the lighter colored clay, the dark colored clay is exposed.. The Dark clay is what I started this piece with. Ran out of that clay and got the clay I'm using now. Still not sure what I'll be doing, as far as the human that will go with it. At the end of this day, I just quickly add a saddle. I also make an announcement at the end of the video. I'll be offering for sale, DVDs of my instructional videos. At least that's the plan.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Approaching Storm - I Recycle an Old Clay of a Horse

I started a clay of a Mountain Man and his Indian Wife about 5 or 6 years ago. It's been sitting in my studio, collecting dust, all that time. Today, having spent a week, uninspired, I thought to recycle the old piece and make a new one out of one of the horses.. It's the time of year for Tornadoes in the Great Plains of Central North America. They had Tornadoes when the Indians and Cowboys roamed the plains. This horse may or may not have a rider. I'm developing my idea as I work on it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Morning Joe - Delivered to the Foundry

I delivered the clay to Northwest Artcastings in Bozeman Montana to start the bronze casting process. It will take about 6 to 8 weeks before it's in bronze. This will be a bronze that will have 20 copies made of it. If you'd like to purchase one, please contact me...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Morning Joe - From The Frying Pan Into The Fire

Re-did the frying pan. I use a Pasta Machine to flatten pieces of clay.. to make the pan from. Then back to finishing touches.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Morning Joe - Touch up Here.. Touch up There

Cleaning and tightening up MORNING JOE so that I can deliver him to the foundry on Monday.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Morning Joe - Using New Tools From SkulpTools

I'm going to spend the next few days cleaning and tightening up MORNING JOE so that I can deliver him to the foundry on Monday.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Morning Joe Update

I've gotten several bids from several foundries on what it will cost to reproduce MORNING JOE in bronze. Today I'm delivering back to the foundry, the bronze of DOWN THE RIDGE LINE to the foundry for shipment to Italy, then I head over to Northwest, the other foundry, to pick up the clay of MORNING JOE, to bring it back to my studio so that I can start the final work on it. I'll be videoing this one for Youtube. So I'll have the video up soon.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - The finished bronze

Yesterday I spent the day at the foundry in Belgrade Montana coloring the first copy in bronze of "Down the Ridgeline". I won't be showing the whole coloring of this bronze, but I felt I owed it to my many friends who've watched this piece created from the beginning. The full version of the coloring process will be on the new website in the near future.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Distant War Cries - Revisited - Part 04 Last Years Trip to Tahoe

In this video from last summer, I'm heading to Lake Tahoe and the James Harold Gallery. I'm there to delivery the Captain John Lovewell bronze to my client in Lake Tahoe California. While there the gallery thought it would be good for me to make a weekend appearance at the James Harold Gallery there over the 4th of July 2012. You'll see me traveling through Idaho, Nevada and finally California.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Distant War Cries - Revisited - Part 03

In this video.. my design is getting fleshed out. I've decided on having this warrior, on the alert to danger coming into his village. I add a cloth dipped in melted wax to be the armature for the Buffalo Robe I'm adding to his back and over his left shoulder. I then start the face. This is all with less than a week from my delivery of Captain John Lovewell bronze to my client in Lake Tahoe California and my appearance at the James Harold Gallery there over the 4th of July 2012.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Distant War Cries - Revisited - Part 02

Today's video is an adventure in trying to come up with a subject for my clay. On the second day, having gone through my model pictures, I came up with a glimmer of an idea. A Crow Indian with a weapon and a shield. Well that's the idea as of this video from the summer of 2012. A week from my delivery of Captain John Lovewell bronze to my client in Lake Tahoe California and my appearance at the James Harold Gallery there over the 4th of July 2012.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Distant War Cries - Revisited - Part 01

I started this clay on June 18th 2012. It started out as an untitled idea. Soon it turned into a clay of a Crow Warrior who's wrapped in a Buffalo Robe, who hears, the war cries of an invading tribe. The Crows had many enemies in the Indian Nations. I've dubbed my voice over the original video, because of copyright problems with music. In this video.. I'm trying to come up with a subject for my new project. I go through several positioning of the armature to try and stimulate my imagination. Again this was last June.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'll be working on a Private Project for the Near Future

I'm going to be doing my first videos for a Website. I will keep you up to date on the new website. Please keep coming back, to check for any updates. This is going to be an exciting new direction. I'd love to have you all come along with me on this new adventure.
I will be making private Videos for this website. As soon as I know what, when and where, I'll update you all.
I love you all, and hope I don't lose your patronage.. Please enjoy my past videos for a while.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Morning Joe - Finishing it Up Today

Finished up the clay of "Morning Joe" today. I started by finishing the back of the shirt, then, adding a small cast iron frying pan and a stack of wood.. Finally, I set up my instant photo studio, to photograph the clay for promotion.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Morning Joe - Making a Two Cup Coffee Pot

Spent the day, making a 2 cup coffee pot. They weren't very big.. The pot had to fit into a saddle bag. Saw one in an old TV skit with John Wayne and Red Skelton. I'm adding the video of that little routine to my blog. In the video, you see John Wayne pour himself a cup of coffee from a small pot.. That's where I got my idea for the size.

Monday, May 27, 2013

In Honor of Our Veterans...

This is to honor all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for America, from the Revolution to the present day. My dad, Homer Harold Lemon, served proudly in the Pacific during World War 2, and during the Korean War. He passed a few years back. He was part of the greatest generation.

 A bronze I created to honor our Veterans, "Veteran's Legacy", Ennis Montana.


Morning Joe - Extend the Base and Re-do the Cup

Started out by re-doing the coffee cup, making it smaller. Then I extended the size of the base to accomidate part of the fire pit. I then created the rock ring and added some wood to the fire. I then made a tin can of beans.. His dinner from the night before.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Morning Joe - Plan To Add a Pot

I plan to add a partial ring of stones for a campfire ring, and on one of the stones will be a small coffee pot. This will complete the piece and finish the story. I also spent the day separating and cleaning my sculpting tools.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Studio is Finally Set Up

Finally got my studio set up.. I'm going to be using a 26 1/2 inch (67.31 cm) tall, Tru Form Armature. I am just waiting for the clay to do this piece. Not sure what I'll be doing yet. This will be my first piece that I'll be creating fully on a new website. I still have no information on the website. When I do, I'll let you all know. I'll still be doing videos for Youtube and my Blog.. just not as fully involved.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Changes Coming As Far As My Videos Go

I'm going to be starting a new adventure. TruForm Armatures are putting together a website that will feature me on it, showing videos of me sculpting, like I do now on Youtube. Therefore my full videos will probably no longer appear there. I'll still be doing videos, but the everything I do videos, will only be on my website. Youtube videos will just be highlights.. If you want to see the full videos, you'd have to subscribe on my new website when it's up and running. When that will happen I'm not sure. I'll be making the first video starting in a week or so, once I figure everything out. I'll keep you all informed, and let you know where you can go to subscribe. There will be a fee charged, yet to be determined, on a monthly or quarterly and a yearly basis.. just have to work out the particulars. I can't pass up this opportunity. Again.. I'll keep you all in the loop. Love all of you who follow me.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm Moving My Studio This Week

Thought I'd share some videos from Native Americans. The Indian Nations of Montana Young Spirit at Rocky Boy Montana Pow wow 2012 Montana State Powwow 2011... This takes place in Bozeman Montana at Montana State University every year in April.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Morning Joe - Video Part 2 of 2 - The Cup and Finishing

I created the cup of coffee and added it to the figure. I then worked on his hand and right arm. I then added detail to his hair and then added the chin strap. This isn't done yet but it's real close.. just some detailing to do. I'm taking it to the foundry and getting a bid on it.. then delivering it to the gallery in Ennis for the Weekend. Next week I'll be moving back into my studio. So I'll not be back till the 20th.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Morning Joe - Video Part 1 of 2 - Shirt Re-Sizing

I felt the shirt really needed to be checked for size.. to the figure.. The neck looked a bit small on the shirt.. it was... the width of the shirt from buttons to armpit looked to big.. it was.. so I narrowed that and that meant repositioning the shirt pocket. I cut the collar and lengthened it to match the measurement around his neck.. Sleeve is the right length so no need to change that. In tomorrows video, part 2 of today's, I'll get onto his right arm and the coffee cup


Can the Arts be used as a tool to overcome Addictions?

Can Sculpting Help People Overcome Addictions?
Contrary to what some people believe, you don’t have to be good with your hands to be a sculptor. It helps to have vision and a natural talent of course, but sculpting is about far more than just creating. It’s about achieving – and helping you to conquer all kinds of demons.
However, can it really help you conquer an addiction? The truth is it can, because in order to sculpt you have to focus on something other than yourself. It doesn’t matter what kind of material you are sculpting with or what you have in mind for the finished product. You could say even the finished product itself doesn’t matter – it’s the journey that counts. You’d be right in that last respect, especially when it comes to helping you beat whatever addiction you might have. It’s impossible to think about your addiction when you are using your hands and your mind to create something else.
Getting involved in a worthwhile project
If you have ever been involved in a project that really caught your attention, you’ll know how thoroughly absorbing it can be. It’s like reading a good book. You settle down to read a few pages, and before you know it the story has transported you to another place and perhaps even another time. If you’ve ever been caught up in a story like this and suddenly looked up, realizing you’re actually at home instead of in the story itself, you’ll know how powerful the connection can be.
The same holds true with sculpting. If you spend every waking moment fighting against your addiction, you’ll probably find you are focusing on it more than you are unaware of it. The very process of trying to beat it requires you to focus on it – and this can be enormously tiring even in the short term.
That’s why getting involved in art and sculpting enables you to make real progress. Not just as an artist or a sculptor (although you certainly will get better the more you do), but as an individual who is learning how to manage and beat their addictions.
How does this work in reality?
Let’s suppose you decide today is the day you will embark on your journey to beat your addiction. You know it will be easier to get assistance when it comes to beating your addiction, so you find a support group or treatment course near you. There are treatment centers in Virginia and every other place in the US, so you just have to explore the options near you and get the help you need. Once you have started on the road to beating your addiction, you can start looking for art or sculpture classes near you as well. These could be social gatherings or something more involved and intensive – choose a class that will suit you and your outlook. There are people with addictions to drugs and alcohol who attend classes in Virginia, California and every other location you could think of every single week. It provides something to look forward to and to focus on, and you might be surprised how effective it is in helping you focus on something other than the addiction you’re trying to leave behind.
You may even find your sculpture takes on the form of your fears or determination in facing your addiction head on. As soon as you start to focus on your project, you will be amazed at the change in how you feel. You will be creating something that is uniquely you. You can pour all your efforts and determination into it. When you see how easy it is to achieve something creative like this, you’ll take confidence from it and realize just how much you can do when you put your mind to it.
Sculptors get lost in the act of creation on a daily basis. Who is to say you cannot do the same? With so many advantages available to those who try it – especially when it comes to finding the power to beat addiction – it makes sense to make it a regular part of your life. When you do, you will see why other addicts have continued to enjoy creating art and sculptures as a regular part of their lives.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Morning Joe - Shirt Adjustments - Hand and Arm

Started out making slight adjustments to the shirt. I lowered the pocket flap because I'd placed it to close to the collar of the shirt. I then started the hand, making adjustments to the collar as I went along. The hand and fingers grasping the shirt would change all that I'd done up to this point in that area. Finally I worked on his left arm, fine tuning that area. Tomorrow, I'll work on the right arm and add the cup of coffee.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Morning Joe - The Shirt is Started

I finish up the spurs, leaving the Spur Rowels till later in this pieces production, because if I do them now, they'd be bumped and abused by my working on other parts. I then paint the wax to match the clay.I then start to create the shirt. That's about it today.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Morning Joe - From Boots To Starting the Spurs

I found through looking closer to the photos I have, that the boots would have been an inch or two below the knees. So I lowered the top of the boots. I then worked on the left boot. Once I had it along to a certain point, I got my wax out and started to construct the Spurs of which I showed several photos of spurs from the 1880s to 1890s. I'll pic this back up tomorrow.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Morning Joe - His Right Boot with Mule Ears

Boot today.. Mule Ear Boots. Named that because of the large leather straps that helped the cowboy to put on his boots. The Boots I had started a week or so ago, were the wrong period, after some researching..I found the right style for the 1880s or 90s. So I redid the right boot today. I have to do the boots before I can do the shirt. I did one boot today, will continue on Monday.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Morning Joe- Suspenders Today

Suspenders today. The suspenders on the pants I'm using as reference have canvas suspenders, with hardware to adjust the length of them. This is what I created today. Suspenders for the pants the Cowboy is wearing. He hasn't put on his shirt yet so his suspenders would be hanging at his sides. I had to make it look believable. 
When I was finished making the suspenders out of wax, I painted them with a pain I had made up specially to have the color match the clay I'm using. This makes it easier to see the detail in the dark wax and makes it less confusing when people look at pictures of the finished clay.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Morning Joe - Working on Detailing his 1800's Style Pants

Using wax, I make a belt buckle for the strap in the back of his pants.

Worked on the pants. First I went through a book on cowboy gear, looking for anything that might be of use here. 
Before I can put his suspenders on, I have to get the pants tuned up a little. I have a pair of pants that would have been worn in the 1800s. You can still buy them. I got mine from Ranks, in Virginia City Montana. They specialize in 1800 clothing and hats.
I am using the pants, that I bought to wear in a western play years ago, for reference. I need to get the seams right and the little belt in the back of the pants to adjust for waist line. 
As I worked on the clay my battery died in my camera. I had a second battery but it was on it's last leg as well so had to end the video.. I'll pick up on the pants tomorrow.

Me working on the pants.. in the video I can't upload.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Morning Joe - Creation of a Late 1800s Cowboy Hat in Clay

Today I did the late 1800s hat for the cowboy. I made the armature for the brim out of file folder. It's paper quality lends it'self to this. I then made a start for the crown of the hat to establish the shape and size of the brim. I cut a hole in the brim armature to make an opening into the crown of the hat. Since the hat will be on his back, I wanted to show the crown was hollow. I added a thin layer of clay onto the brim's armature, both sides, then added the crown. I then, using a photo of a hat from that period, created the crown. Finally I added the hat onto Joe's back, and anchored it with screws so that it would stay in place. This now shows me the parts of the back that have to be more detailed. This is the position the hat will be, hung on his back with a, as the cowboys would call it, the hurricane strap, or stampede strap, .. or for you none cowboys.. a chine strap. That will come later.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Morning Joe - Fine Tuning His Upper Parts

Today I worked on his arms, shoulders and eyes. I also discus how useful the Silicone tipped tools are, from are. How they don't stick to the clay as I coach the details in his face and eyes. Tomorrow I'll do either the hat, or the shirt..

Friday, April 26, 2013

Morning Joe - Setting Up For the Shirt

I'm getting prepared for sculpting the shirt being held in the Cowboy's right hand. I went to the studio, and using arrows on paper to set up a anchor for my eye as I look at photos I take of the shirt.. then I set up the armature for the shirt and it also acts as a stabilizer for my figure. I then remove the external support, since it's no longer needed. Monday I'll start the shirt.. or the hat.. who knows.. whatever the spirit moves me.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Morning Joe - He Gets Boots and Pants

Today I put Boots and Pants on my naked Cowboy.. I also talk about some new silicon tipped tools I got from that I helped to design. I also mention the fact that in Italy, today is a national holiday there. They're celebrating the day that they were given their freedom back from the Allies in World War 2 on April 25th 1945

Pvt. Paul Oglesby, US 30th Infantry Division, before the altar in a damaged Roman Catholic church in Acerno

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Morning Joe - Ruffing in the Legs

Today, I worked on the lower part of the clay. I'll be out of my studio tomorrow.. and will be back on Thursday.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Morning Joe - Fleshing in his Right Side and Hair

Cold and snowing here today.. Yesterday there was a complete white out blizzard. Got back to my home and worked again on the upper part of his torso.   

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Morning Joe - Fleshing in his Left Torso

I fleshed in one side of his upper torso today. I'll be out of the studio tomorrow, so I'll pick this back up on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Morning Joe - Creating his Face

Today I started the face by attaching the TruForm Armature head to a jig, so that I can work on it away from the full figure. Just makes it easier to work on.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Morning Joe - Starting the Armature, A New Cowboy Piece

I wanted to start a cowboy clay today. Haven't done one in years. So I start setting up the TruForm armature for the piece. Cup of Joe. 1914 Josephus Daniels was appointed Secretary of the Navy by President Woodrow Wilson. Among his Naval reforms were inaugurating the practice of making 100 fleet sailors eligible for the Naval Academy, the introduction of women into the service, and on July 1, 1914, he issued general order 99, which rescinded Article 827, the officers' wine mess. Rumor has it that from that time on, the strongest drink aboard Navy ships was coffee, and over the years, a cup of coffee became known as "a cup of Joe." The first real cowboys appeared in the middle 1800's during the days of the great cattle drives. Their task was to herd wild Mexican "beeves" up to graze on the open ranges of the American West. A cowboy's supper usually included beans, sourdough biscuits, oh yeh, and uh... beef, and (who knew?) strong black kettle-brewed coffee. It's rumored that this coffee could float a horse shoe, kill a Diamond Back rattler, or even make a cowpoke put his six-guns away! (lest his nervous trigger finger stampede the herd...Yipes!) This cowboy, up early, before dawn, trying to focus and formulate if he's alive.. That warm cup in his hand and his old shirt in the other, he waits for the chuck breakfast that cookie if preparin. Till then, he's just numb.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Just suffering from a bit of a Migraine today, and trying to come up with my next piece. I'll be thinking on that over the weekend.. and see what I come up with next week. This is my daily video diary... so you get, sometimes even the mundane..

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My 1,000 th Post - Working on the Face of the Protector - New Tools from

I decided to hold off moving to my studio. It's been really cold and windy. So I'm going to wait another week or two before moving back into my studio Today I review three new tools I received from I'm just cleaning the face of the clay I did called "The Protector".

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Final Go Over and Delivered to Foundry

Finished going over the clay once again this morning. Then drove to Belgrade Montana to the foundry there, Art Castings of Montana. Delivered the clay to Con Williams for mold making. Now it's just a waiting game. I'll be gone from the web for a week or two. I'm getting moved back into my studio. Going to take the rest of this week off to just relax.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Ok this is the Final Day - feathers

Overnight I saw something that bothered me. Three feathers on the shield all went in the same direction. I wanted to break that, so I redid one of the feathers and redirected it at a different angle. Then I made the feathers for the spear. Delivering the clay to the foundry tomorrow.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Final Day of Sculpting On It

Just putting the finishing touches to the clay today. Tomorrow I photograph it for promotions. If I have time, I'll take it to the foundry. If I don't tomorrow, I'll take it to the foundry on Wednesday. I started the horse almost three years ago, and the Indian Warrior in November of last year. I love how the piece has worked out.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Down The Ridge Line - Hair Detailing Tools from SkulpTools

Just experimenting with two Tools that Shirley Johnson of SKulpTools, who designed them, suggested that they'd be good for.. the detailing of the hair texture and design.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Tools from SkulpTools and Detailing

Just got some tools from SkulpTools I talk about their uses at the beginning of the video and then give a review of the tools as I work with them today, detailing the clay. I will be taking the clay to the foundry on Tuesday. Monday I'll photograph it from every angle for promotion.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Driving to Todd's Studio

I'll be back in the studio tomorrow. Yesterday and today has been a lot of busy work. Went to Todd's Connor's Studio late in the afternoon. This video is the drive from my house to his studio.
See you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - A New Book - a New TruForm Armature - More Clean up

Just more finishing. Talked about a couple of books I got on on adult and child proportions. If you want to purchase any of these books.. you can go to their website which is linked in the video description on Youtube.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Short Ride to Bozeman then Lighter Fluid and Clay

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to Bozeman and just thought I'd take a couple of views of the trip at the beginning of today's video. Just spent the day cleaning the clay. Smoothing it and getting it ready for the foundry. Not much to video so I made it just a short video today. I'll be doing this for the next couple of days. so no video till I get to the hand that's holding the spear and the spear. So for the next day or two, I'll be not putting up a video. Nothing to really show.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Working On Base and Adding Rocks

Working on the base today. The base is very important to the finished look of the bronze. It will ether compliment the subject or detract. Making the base to busy, will make people look at the base and miss the sculpture.

Down the Ridge Line - Shield and Wolf Skin

I started the day working on the shield. Creating the design on the shield and then adding the feathers. I eliminated the cloth on the shield, because I just didn't think it was needed.. just made the shield look to busy. I then finished off the bottom part of the wolf skin with the two hind legs and the tail.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Finishing up Feathers in the Hair

Continued working on the horses feathers today and back filling them so that the mold maker won't pull out his hair as he makes the mold of this piece.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Just Feathers

Just creating the feathers for the horses main and tail today. I have 11 to 14 feathers to make. I just showed me working on two of them to give you an idea of how I'm going to do each feather.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Last Bit of Work Before Final Detailing

Today was near the final bit of work before I do final clean up and detailing. I worked on the right front foot.. it needed to be corrected, then I started work on the tail. I then added feathers to the tail, as seen in the photograph I took of Bad Hand on horseback, some years ago. I also added a few feathers to his front mane. This is the last day this week on this piece. Next week I'll finish the clay up

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - A New Pope - and Creating the hair on the horses neck

Today, just before I started working on my clay, the Catholic world got a new Pope. Pope Francis. So I open my video with a little Italian and a little honor him. I'm not Catholic.. but he's a man who, I understand is very humble, and a man of the people.. so I pray he will be a good leader. I started the rest of the main today, and showed how I make the hair.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Road Trip to Virginia City Montana

I noticed the other day, my license plates on my van were two months expired. To get them renewed I drove 14 miles from Ennis, where I live, up over the Gravely Range into the Ruby Valley, into Virginia City, and the Courthouse where I get my new plate tags.
Virginia City where Calamity Jane lived for some time. In 1863, the area was part of the Dakota Territory until March, when it became part of the newly formed Idaho Territory. On May 26, 1864, the Territory of Montana was formed, with Bannack briefly becoming the territorial capital, Virginia City would quickly take that title from Bannack.
In May 1863, a group of prospectors were headed towards the Yellowstone River and instead came upon a party of the Crow tribe and were forced to return to Bannack. Gold was discovered on the retreat trip when Bill Fairweather stuck a pick near Alder Creek joking he might find something to fund some tobacco.
The prospectors could not keep the site a secret. They were followed on their return to the gold bearing site and set up the town in order to formulate rules about individual gold claims. On June 16, 1863 under the name of "Verina" the township was formed a mile south of the gold fields. The name was meant to honor Varina Howell Davis, first and only First Lady of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. Verina, although in Union territory, was founded by men whose loyalties were thoroughly Confederate. Upon registration of the name, a Connecticut judge, G. G. Bissell, objected to their choice and recorded it as Virginia City. (In full irony, since Virginia itself had seceded, only to have West Virginia secede from the state and stay in the Union, it seemed an appropriate name for aDixie city in Yankee territory.)
Within weeks Virginia City was a veritable boomtown of thousands in the midst of a gold rush with no law enforcement whatsoever, except for vigilantism. Most of Montana became under the rule of aVigilance committee, the infamous Montana Vigilantes, which operated on both sides of the law. Their secret motto, 3-7-77 is still on the badges, patches, and car door insignia of the Montana Highway Patrol.
In 1864, the Montana Territory was carved out of Idaho Territory. Virginia City, claiming 10,000 citizens, was made the capital of the new territory in 1865. The first public school was built in 1866, but already the most easily accessible gold from placer mining had been exploited and development and population in the territory was moving towards Helena.
Ghost town
In the 1940s, Charles and Sue Bovey began buying the town, putting much needed maintenance into failing structures. The ghost town of Virginia City began to be restored for tourism in the 1950s. Most of the city is now owned by the state government and is a National Historic Landmark operated as an open air museum. Of the nearly three hundred structures in town, almost half were built prior to 1900. Buildings in their original condition with Old West period displays and information plaques stand next to thoroughly modern diners and other amenities.
Virginia City also has a Boothill Cemetery.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - First of the Horses Mane Started

I started the day warming and then cutting up clay for the next couple of weeks worth of work. Today I was interrupted by phone calls and people stopping by. I did manage to get the face pretty well sculpted in though and had the eyes blocked in well enough that I decided to add the first of the horses mane.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Old head back On - Ping Pong Sculpting

I lived with the clay overnight. It's a mustang.. not a modern well bred Stallion. The old head fits. So I reattached it. I got one side done. Had to quit for the weekend.. It's just been stressful. I need to relax for a couple of days. It's all going to be just fine.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Horses New Head Replaces Old

Today, back on the horses head. After thinking about yesterday, I think the heat of the clay, making it to soft, I struggled to create the head. I also just wasn't all there yesterday. Today, I didn't heat my clay first, just letting my fingers soften it. I detached the old horses head, and replaced it with the new one. To me, because the old head was so big, this one looked a bit small. Even though it's spot on to scale. I decided to get off it over night and come back tomorrow with fresh eyes.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - The Horses Face - Once again

Started the horses head all over again, after scaling drawings of the head anatomy to match that of the clay I'm doing. I just was off today.. my mind wasn't wrapped around what I was doing so, decided best to just set it aside and tackle it tomorrow.. Guess I won't be finishing this week after all.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

 Today I focused on the head of the horse. First I had to widen one side of his face to make it symmetrical. Once I finished I took a lunch break and when I came back, I could see the horses head was now to wide.. so I decided to trim again.. Tomorrow.. after living with it overnight, I'll decide if it's working.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - How to make a leg float

 Today, put a clay post under the front left horse's hove. This will act as support for the horse once the bronze is cast. The trick is to do this and make it look like you didn't do this. The shadow of the hove will hide the post. Bronze is very soft. If it's only supported on two legs, then it will bend over time in bronze. By having three legs touching the base it is more stable.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Right leg and Lighter Fluid

Worked on the right leg.. and told a story about a time I rode a horse back in the 50s along with 4 of my cousins on their farm, in Coalville Utah.. Way to many kids on an old farm horse and when it decided to go up the mountain side we all went tumbling off his back.. I broke my arm..

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Horses Breast and Left Leg

 In this video.. I start by talking about a book that was written by Avard T. Fairbank on human proportions for artists.. Here's a link to buying that book and one on children proportions.
I talk about raising the clay so that I could work on the chest and legs better. Then I talk about the fact that there aren't many photographs on horses chests.. or bellies. I spent several hours gathering my own material and pictures off the web. Then I start to work on the horses chest and left leg.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Detailing Endless Detailing

 Just worked on the rear flank of the horse.. then started on the rib cage.. I talked at the beginning about the tools I purchased from and how I talk about these items in hopes to give people who want to sculpt the knowledge of the best tools and clays, so that they can, in the long run, be successful at sculpting

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Short Video About a Horse's Thoughts as Told By A Navajo

Click here to see this video

 Totally in the Navajo Language.. with subtitles... it's a great vid to watch... Published on Mar 26, 2012 Watch and vote for "Horse You See," a film in the final category for the PBS Online Film Festival, Offbeat. Meet Ross, a horse from the Navajo reservation. Hear his story and share his thoughts as he explains the very essence of being a horse. Spoken in Navajo with English subtitles. To cast your vote in this category, visit each film's YouTube page (34x25x36, Future States -- Play, or Horse You See) and click the thumbs up "like" button at the bottom of the video player. Check out the three "Offbeat" videos at:

Friday, February 22, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Leg, Hips and Underbelly

I talk about a resource for tons of horse anatomy on Facebook by putting into the search box the words "Horse Anatomy".. I tilted the clay today, so that I could work on the belly of the horse then I began back on the rear area of the horses flanks and legs.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Down the Ridge Line - Right Rear Leg Detailing

I have a new Widget at the top of the right hand column. It's a way to translate this blog into your language if your out of the USA.. or even if your in the USA. Well today I pretty much continued working on the horses right rear leg. I found trouble in the fact that the rear was to large yesterday.. so I've been redoing that area. Tomorrow I'll be working on the rear left leg, and whatever else I'll be able to do.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TruForm Armatures Life-Sized Bust Armature

TruForm clay sculpture armatures are widely becoming one of the best tools for sculpting in oil-based and polymer clays.TruForm armatures were created by professional sculptors with the goal of providing clay modeling sculptors of all levels with the most innovative sculpture armature concept on the market. TruForm armatures are proven to enhance the entire sculpting experience. Life-size portrait busts are here! Our life-size portrait bust can be easily glued or attached to any baseboard. The skull is taken down,pushed back and opened up in key areas of the skull for the application of clay. The base can be easily cut to your desired shape. TruForm Armature busts are made of urethane foam and a durable plastic. The head and ribcage can be altered by using a round file, if necessary, during the gestural phase.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Talking Tools and Clay from Sculpture Depot

I Got a set of KEMPER TOOLS. They are used a lot by potters and water base clay. Artists who work in oil based clays love them because they like a rounded wire that doesn't cut. They work best in Soft and Medium clays.
GLYPTIC MODELING TOOLS were in this shipment to me. Out of frustration with wire tools breaking all the time Karen Richardson, the owner of Sculpture Depot, with the help of some very famous sculptors, designed and invented the Glyptic Modeling Tools. They are just amazing in their durability.. and long lasting use. You need to have a separate container for the parts as well as the Allen Wrenches, so you won't lose the small wire ends.
Rubber Tipped CLAY SHAPERS, are a set of tools with mailable rubber tips, in different shapes and points.. Extremely useful for artists to smooth an eyelid on a face or making wrinkles in the skin of an aged face. Just amazing to use. I received a wonderful collection of METAL FINISHING TOOLS. Rounded tipped to flat flexible ends.. paddle shapes and pointed rounded tips are always useful in shaping and fine tuning parts of a sculpture. Just go online and spend a couple of hours going through the selections of tools and clays. Pick out what fits your project. Order them.. Your going to be very happy with the quality.
I received a sampling of CHAVANT CLAYS as well. LeBeau Touche and the new Clayette. the CLAYETTE clay replaces Kleen Klay, when went out of business. The Clayette is not sticky or tacky like the others. It has fillers in it and cannot be melted like the Classic Clay. I'll be getting into the clays at a later date. An artist is only as good as the reference material they have as well as the quality of tools they use, whether it be a painters brushes, paints and canvas. Or a sculptors clay, and tools. If you want to be a step above the beginning artist, you need the tools of a professional artist. I truly believe you can find all you will ever need at

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Wolf Robe"

Edition of 40

14 inches tall by 13 inches wide

Pre-Cast Price (Email the artist

This clay is of the famous Southern Cheyenne warrior, "Wolf Robe". He was a holder of the Benjamin Harrison Peace Medal. During the late 1870s he was forced to leave the open plains and relocate his tribe on the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian Reservation in Indian Territory. He was awarded the Benjamin Harrison Peace Medal in 1890 for his assistance in the Cherokee Commission.”
He was born in about 1838, and died in 1910.

Friday, January 25, 2013

New Armature System for Truform Armatures and Art Supplies from Sculpture Depot

Here is a list of items I use for you.

My armatures, if I buy them, come from

For horse anatomy figures and muscles of the face resin castings

You can buy my kind of clay, J-Mac, from

Sculpture Depot


I use the medium grade clay

You can also buy tools and sculpting stands there.
(I put a list of great tools you should buy at the end of this description)

I get my anatomical figures from

The Resin Horse by Jeff Wolf

I get my armatures from

How to use your Horse armature from

How to make a hot box for your clay

Video on the clay I use

Link to the video where I talk about Jeff Wolf's Horse Anatomy Resin that you can purchase

This video I talk about my tools.

Tools I would suggest from Sculpture Depot are:

I would suggest you pick from these tools.. You don't have to pick them all, Just those that you think will help you
This modeling set looks interesting.. made of Water Buffalo Horn

Steel Tools I'd suggest are
303, and 22x
53x, and 55x
74, 70, 163, 161, and 75
23x and 407

For wire ended tools my pick would be 221, 401A, 402A, 403A, 404A, and 405A

For those who make masks, here's a great set up..

You can find sculpting stand, books, armatures, and all kinds of wonderfully helpful stuff for the sculptor here at reasonable prices.. They ship internationally as well.

If I use music in this video, it's Composer and musician is Kevin MacLeod - CC-license
The music is free.. You can donate.. which I'd say would be fair, but it's royalty free.
Linked here

My Gallery Online
My Daily Video Diary on Sculpting -