Monday, November 30, 2009

Clothing the Mountain Man

Today, I got started by putting on the loin cloth on his front, then quickly fleshed in the wool shirt with a leather belt around his waist.
Then I decided to not just have him in his shirt and leggings. I thought it might add something to the piece if I added a knee length leather coat. Got that sketched in and then added his shot pouch, and powder horn, hanging on his right side.
I won't be in my studio tomorrow, but will be back on Wednesday.

Final Photographs. (Remember you can click on the photographs to expand them)

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Joseph Pilkenton said...

Thanks Mr. Lemon for sharing your beautiful God given talent. I truly appreciate your genuine humble demeanor to a higher power and emotional connection with your art. As a self taught artist as well... I appreciate the great effort you make to share the knowledge you have acquired for so many years. You have inspired me to try and get back into my art once more. After a bout with cancer and chemo with the side effects has become my creative therapy. Now battling Parkinson and Diabetes ...I challenge myself daily to create more with God's help. It is a blessing to finish one more piece and start another. Once again thank you for sharing your amazing talent... God bless and continue creating!