Friday, November 27, 2009

Comments and Questions from Diane A. in Auburn California

Dear Mr. Lemon, “David”… I am just giving you a Shoutn''Howdy up there in MT. And I would like to send you my best wishes for the HAPPIEST of THANKSGIVINGS and for the upcoming HOLIDAYS, from one of your faithful subscribers down here in Sunny Northern Cali.. I very diligently watch the progression of each of your sculptures and I hope you will never stop sharing with us whom enjoy this genre of art. I continue to learn something each time I watch you work.

I am very interested in your thought processes when you’re considering what the foundry needs an artist to consider while constructing a piece. If you could please expound upon this area... a bit more ... especially when you’re at those junctures of development in your pieces... which you know you have to make certain adjustments and your reasons. Another area, I would love to hear how you know when a Foundry is pricing a piece fairly; and what are some of the ranges of getting master copies made and subsequent copies, how the foundry arrives at its pricing. Share what you think a rookie /newbie in sculpting, artist should be watching out for working with contracting foundries. I am sure it would be of use to more than just me... Thanks again for your blog. Diane

Answer to Diane: I'm honored... Thank you Diane for contacting me. I'll make a video just to answer these questions tomorrow.. Look for it tomorrow night.


Gary Dombrowski said...

David, That's a video I'll look forward to watching also. Now I have to just make time to catch up watching the others. Thanks for not only the inspiration but sharing as well. ~Gary

Darkmatters said...

Hey David... another faithful follower (newish one). I don't want to overload you with questions, but I figure it cant hurt to ask - I'm curious about the process of sculpting the skeleton in clay. I learned to use the bony landmarks in drawing anatomy, but what I:m wondering is - what are you paying attention to when you're sculpting the bones? If you know of any videos or books that cover it, I'd love to know what they are, or if you've talked about it in a previous video.

My guess... since you've already laid out the armature proportionally from the scale drawing, the main concern in sculpting the bones would be the relative thickness of the joints?