Wednesday, May 22, 2019

I Begin Fleshing in the Warrior's Legs

Starting on the anatomy of the warrior today. I work from the legs up.. Like any good construction.. Building or figure.. you have to have a foundation. In this case, it's the legs. I have 9 Instructional DVDs on how to sculpt for purchase. I have a link in the video description where you can see the 9 videos and learn how to purchase them.


George D. Pudsey said...

Hi David,
For several years I've enjoyed your artistry and commentary and have used much of your
techniques in my own works. I recently did a three day seminar with a sculptor who uses
water based clay and isn't a fan of oil based clays. Could I ask your comments/opinions on the one verses the other? Until now I've worked in the latter and see advantages in both.

Artist - David Lemon said...

I started in 1965 sculpting in ceramic clay.. It's limitations don't allow for what I do. Bruno Lucchesi is a genius when it comes to ceramic clay.. look up his books.. I took a workshop with him in Scottsdale back in the 80s..
I'd love to do what I do in ceramic.. but you always have to worry about the clay exploding .. Would be nice though..