Thursday, March 14, 2019

Delivering Salt to Todd Connor's Studio and I got stuck on the Road in t...

Todd Connor needed me to come a take a look at some of the paintings he's taking to the Charlie Russell Show up in Great Falls next week.. He asked if I'd pick up a 25 pound bag of salt on the way.. his half mile long driveway had just been plowed.. I drove on it fine till i got to one little patch of ice.. then I just couldn't go up further.. He dug and dug the ice and snow, and I'd try to move and all I did was slide sideways.. Finally he was able to back me back on the road and then we backed down the road to the main road. Another couple that was visiting him and who got locked out of their car, had to have a Locksmith come out and unlock their car. The lock smith had to park his truck behind me because I was blocking him from going up to the other couple. Well they got their car unlocked.. Todd and I backed down the plowed road to the main Highway, and the couple, with all wheel drive and better tires drove us back up to Todd's so I could see his paintings.. It was a really tiring day.

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