Friday, January 27, 2017

Buy The Full Set of My Instructional DVDs and Get a 10th Unlisted DVD FREE

DAVID LEMON'S INSTRUCTIONAL DVDs ON HOW TO CREATE IN CLAY For all my new friends on Facebook, I want you to know I am selling Instructional DVDs on Sculpting. Look at a Review of my individual Instructional DVDs in the link I've included below. I show how to Purchase my DVDs in each video. I've also included at the bottom of the list, for those wishing to buy all 9 of my DVDs, a selection that will allow you to purchase them with one click. You'll not be charged for mailing. A savings of $62.55. As a Added Bonus you get a 10th unlisted Instructional DVD for FREE. Click Link to see a review of all my offered individual Instructional DVDs.

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