Saturday, December 6, 2014

Touch the Clouds - Gluing Feathers to Each Other With Soft Clay then Painting the Feathers - Part 30

The feathers to his War Bonnet, needed to be sealed to each other, so I used soft clay in between the feathers, where they meet, and then squeezed them together, allowing the clay to kinda glue them together. After I did all that, using a mat finish house paint, that I had matched to the color of the clay, I painted the feathers to match the color of the rest of the piece. This has a two fold result.. It allows people to be un-confused, when then see the feathers. If they were in dark wax at the gallery, they spend all their time wondering why the two colors.. instead of looking at the total piece. Second reason for painting them, is for me, so my eye isn't confused by the two colors, allowing my imagination to work in the finishing of the clay.

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