Saturday, August 8, 2009

At the Creighton Block Gal, Virginia City Montana

Got to the Creighton Block Gallery at 11 am. The Creighton Gallery is in the first native stone building built in Virginia City. It says in the literature that it was started in 1864. The first Telegraph pole was erected at the corner of the building in 1866.
The rock walls you see in this video are the original stone walls of this amazing building. The walls are at least 2 feet thick.


This car was outside the gallery. I won't be in my studio for the rest of the month. I'll be on the road doing an appearance this coming weekend at the Breckenridge Gallery in Breckenridge Colorado. Then I travel to Tahoe City California. I'll keep the blog updated with travel stuff and video from the galleries I'll be showing in.

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Jill Hartley said...

Hi, David, I met you in Virginia City last weekend when I had my work(landscapes in oils) in the VC Art Show in the Community Center right behind the Creighton Block. Just wanted you to know that your kind and encouraging words to me were one of the best parts of my entire weekend in that show. I enjoyed talking to you (and friends) , I enjoy your blogs, videos and website, and I particularly enjoy and admire your work. Thank you...I am pleased to have met you in VC.
~ Jill Hartley, Rock Springs, WY