Monday, July 13, 2009

Somewhere A Cowboy's Walkin - Estimates today

I traveled to two foundries in Bozeman and Belgrade Montana today to get bids on the cost of mold and casting costs of the clay.
I apologize that I have no current photos or video today. I downloaded them to my desktop computer, after attaching a new keyboard to it. I restarted the computer and when it came back on, it was dead as a doornail. The mother board failed. Now what I've found out is, that HP Pavilion Slimline computers have a mother board and hard drive that can't be repaired by anyone but the factory. My recommendation is.. don't buy an HP Pavilion. They won't send a new mother board to my computer guy, who said that the way the mother board is designed, it will probably fail down the line again. Or it might run for 8 years. But more than likely it will fail again. Don't buy one...
I will be doing my blog off of my laptop for the next couple of weeks till they get my computer repaired. I'm a little upset... lol
I'll be out of the studio tomorrow.. going back up to Three Forks and the computer guy. Hope to be in the studio on Wednesday.

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