Monday, March 11, 2019

Instructional DVDs on How to Sculpt in Plasticine Clay Offered for Sale

I'm offering nine Instructional DVDs on how to sculpt in Plasticine Clay. I've packed each DVD with over 50 years of learning through trial and error, ways of creating whatever I desire to create. I show knowledge that came hard to me.. and now I offer to all who would like to learn to create their dreams in clay. These DVDs can be played on both a computer, or on a Blue Ray DVD player, and will give years of enjoyment and knowledge. Here's what I'm offering

Instructional DVDs on Creating Armatures for a Horse, Dog and a Human.

 Creating a Horse from Scratch is a two DVD set that goes through the creation of the armature to adding clay.

Creating a Full figure of a Viking. I show the research I went through as well as the creation of a figure of a Viking in clay

Creating a bust of a Weathered Old Viking in clay, from armature to finished bust.

Creating a Horse's Head from building the armature to a finished clay of a Horses Head

The Creation of Down the Ridge Line. A clay of a Warrior riding at full speed down a ridge

The Creation of a full figure of a Mountain Man is shown on this DVD.

The Creation of A Plains Warrior, who is armed with a bow and arrows.

Creation of a Woman Holding a Baby

The Creation of Sweet Grass, a Southern Cheyenne Girl in Plasticine Clay


Unknown said...

Me encanta su trabajo pero que es plastilina y clay

Unknown said...

I purchased 2 of your dvds today, I will have to get down the ridgeline later. I am excited to get started. Thank you for sharing your gift of art.

Jeff Bowman said...

Love your work! My wife is a big fan and Id love to surprise her with your DVDs for Christmas. How do we proceed?

Jeff Bowman said...

I’d like to purchase your DVDs. Please e-mail me at

Thank you!

Leland James said...

Do you have a dvd showing the price for the foundry’s charge for making the bronze. I know it would be rough because each is different. But just a ballpark for us that don’t know Thanks